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  Posted: May 22, 2012 10:43 PM FEED
0 Hudson

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Not on the beach anymore. Here in D.C., @senatorwarner and @amyklobuchar are introducing bill that’d require social platforms like this one to disclose paid political ad spending, just like broadcast, radio and print.
Final stop today in Charleston. Great walk around the city and lunch at Magnolias.
Cool to visit Brookgreen Gardens today and see some of Anna Hyatt Huntington’s sculptures.
Holding off autumn just a little bit longer.
Good breakfast to welcome young @tanneryoke3 to Washington this weekend.
Lots of Q’s today for the leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee, who provided us with an update on their #Russia investigation.
Got out of my neighborhood and moved around on this beautiful first day of October.
A FISCAL New Year party. This. Town.
We're at the binary choice between "socialism and federalism" part of the health care debate.
Bernie Sanders is kicking off his single payer plan alongside Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker. He says it's not about politics. (His campaign manager Jeff Weaver is here, and so are the campaign rally signs.)
Breakfast at Bloomberg (they should call it Bloomberg B-N-Eggs)
Classic "tough month ahead on Capitol Hill" photo opportunity this afternoon.
#tfw you're a dog and someone gave you a big piece of chicken hoping to take a pic with you.