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Throne of Cans

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It’s been a fun year. New cars, new festivals, new glasses (thank the lord I can see shit now). None of this matters without her by my side. #iloveyou #anniversary #travel #oregon #love #pnw #pnwonderland #craterlake #roadtrip #getlost #snow @tonyanator
Sometimes, you gotta be a little unconventional with your first anniversary. Sleeping in the back of your car might not sound great, but waking up with Crater Lake outside your door isn’t a bad way to try it. Happy one year to the girl who decided I was worth spending a life with and who I’m lucky enough to spend mine with. Thanks for understanding that a candlelit dinner and jewelry isn’t as amazing as a spontaneous trip to a truly special place in Oregon. One down - many, many more to go. #love #anniversary #craterlake #oregon #pnw #getlost #iloveyou @tonyanator
There’s a lot of reasons to love the Gorge. I’m sure my reason is no different from many; I found a love for the outdoor world from the many hikes and views it’s provided. I found a respect for nature through this valley. My wife and I found a shared love for the greens and blues during many hikes on either side of the river. We found that there’s so much to be found by exploring and pushing yourself to the next corner to see what’s around it. To see the photos coming in of the fires has me on the brink of tears. And to know it was caused not by nature herself, but by plain and simple human carelessness has that sadness blending into an anger. This is our world. We all share it. We need to take care of this planet. For years to come, this valley will be charred and scarred by these coming weeks of fire. I can only hope that those who are fighting the fires are safe. My thoughts are with the brave men and women putting out the flames but also with those who have memories based in the Gorge. It will come back, in time. Stay strong, everyone ❤️ #oregon #eaglecreekfire #gorge #pnw
It’s hard to find a photo that actually details just how large this place is without losing scale. This might not do it justice but Smith Rock is massive. One of the coolest places I’ve ever been. #gopro #explore #oregon #adventure #getoutside #outdoors #hike #hiking #smithrock #pnw #pnwonderland #getlost