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👸🏻☺️Woke up to a new yr of birth!! 👵🏼😬 Blessed to see another day & year!! 🙏🏻 (THANK YOU GOD) & Thank you to my parents for GIVING me life!! 👨‍👩‍👧 Thankful for all the growth I've made throughout life & praying to God I get to live manyyyyyyy more years on earth, because lawd KNOWS I'm not finished making my mark yet!! Lol CHEERS TO A NEW YR & NEW BLESSINGS!! 🥂 #Chapter31BeginsTODAY 🎂😜👵🏼💃🏻.....& A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL MY BDAY TWINS OUT THERE!! I Hope your day is as happy, safe, & blessed as mine!! 😎♎️ TURN UP! 💪🏼
Happy Monday!! ☺️ October baby!! 💪🏼😍😜
Good morning! 😃 Go Huskies! 🐾🐕❣️
👀☝🏼#TBT 💁🏻 S/O to my SET!! 😬😜👯 JV squad my freshman yr of high school! THORNWOOD THUNDERBIRDS BABY!! 🐤 #TWHS We came in 1st place at competition AS USUAL! 🙌🏼🏆🥇🙌🏼 IT'S WHAT WE DO! 💯 Check them stats baby!! 👌🏼💪🏼 T-BIRDSSSSS *snaps fingers* YES!!
At work like.....👩🏻‍💻 Fro POPPIN' 😜
Wind City Live show this morning..... With the fam!! 😎🙂
🙂 Had a BLAST today with my girls!! 😜😍🙌🏼😎 @frannii3 @michaelaluckett @av8rix 👭👭
☝🏼🙅🏻 You heard it here first! 😜 lol