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@nithin81 Thank you for gifting us with a Great message and your presence on your birthday. Happy Birthday! #LiquidChurch
What an amazing feeling to bring my grandmother her daughter!! Thank you to all who contributed and your prayers. It's a bitter sweet moment knowing all the people still struggling as we continue our efforts and prayers. #SoBlessed #HomeSweetHome #MedinaStrong #Heart4PR
Thank GOD!!! I got the speak to my mom today and told her about her flight coming to Jersey on Tuesday. Thanks to all the prayer warriors! #PrayersAnswered
No matter what's happening in life, this beautiful boy brings so much joy to my life 😍😍
Every time you eat or drink you are either feeding #disease or fighting it. The choice is always yours. Choose wisely.
Shot out to my brother @truespeakspower for being a positive example in so many areas of life. Follow him.
I was so excited to pick up my mom from the airport that I called her last Tuesday to check if she had her luggage ready to leave the next day. She answered the phone laughing with whoever she was with, she reminded me her flight is next Wednesday. I then let her know I got childcare on the 30th so I can be her date at some event happening at the Armory she invited me to. We may not be able to go to that party but we sure will party as soon as you get here and everyone is invited!! I miss you, mom. I'm confident you will call me as soon as you can. I💓U
My boo came home early to join me in the kitchen 😁
Would you give your dog soda? If not then why would you let your child drink it or drink it yourself?! 🤤 #FoodForThought
Jesus has been called many things. Who does he say he is? #IAm...