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Bron haters stfu age 27 this man is the fucking beast! You don't ball or know ball if you hating!

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I wanna take the time to give a personal shoutout to a kid that personally inspired me to dedicate myself to helping the youth. @trevormclean_ one of the first kids I've ever coached shows the true definition of hard work ethic, charisma, leadership, poised with extremely high IQ...the list goes on. His success story is one for the books! I'm so happy to have helped you on your journey and I truly believe you're gonna be something big someday. Congrats on committing to Emerson College. I'll be all the games I can. I promise that. I love you kid. Good luck #hoopstaralum #hesprobablymykid #wegottadoadnatestsoon #howknowjensenia #fordakids #ballisalwayslife #happycoachpost
I just want to emphasize all the things you are. You're not only my rock. You're the rock. You're my role model. You're a walking inspiration. You're loving. Caring. Funny. You're compassionate. You're emotional (it's where I get it from). You walk around with your heart outside your body - and that simply means its way to big to fit inside your body. A person that can brighten up anyone's day with just a smile. You may not know this but I constantly sit and think about the things you do for your family and others. I also wonder how you manage to stay so composed so under control of every situation. You never stop. You're fierce. You're relentless. You're preserving. I wanna be best man I could be because of you. And last. You're a blessing. Another year of unmeasurable greatness. Happy Mother's Day Cathy Small. I love you.
From dorm room best friends - to one of the best duos the UAA has ever seen - to coaching on various levels - now to the Celtics 🍀 playoff Jumbotron. Me and @tjhollins33 are getting closer and closer to our dreams. #trustheprocess #thatwasreallyaprocess #collegetillnow #teammatestobusinesspartners
It's time! Let's get this work in...🏀⭐️
Quality training all summer! Sign up today! Please LIKE and SHARE. Need all the support! Thank you! #forthekids #ballislife #wehoop #hoopstar #boston
A very successful weekend for my program @hoop_star_basketball. I am very proud of all of our kids and coaches for their hard work and commitment. 3 out of our 5 teams qualified for nationals! Trying to give the kids experiences they'll remember for the rest of their lives one practice one game at a time! #ballislife #forthekids #wehoop @zerogravitybb
Happy Mothers to my best friend. My mentor. My motivator. My everything. No matter how many times I say it I'm forever grateful to have you in my life. I love you Mom. Your Boston visit was one to remember!
Do the light skin face........heyyyyyy
This my first one of these #WCW things. But I just can't resist. I gotta post my thirst/love for this women. There's nothing I wouldn't do for @bundleofbrittany oh man 😍😍 #WCW
Hey Momma. I love you to the moon back. From the stars to the sun. I'll do anything you ask but for right now can you stop moving your head so we can take a selfie? Lmao 😫❤️😎😇😌 #familyreunion #myrtlebeach #love #twins #mom #selfie #shesaidshedontlikebeingsocloseup
One of the strongest bonds. Never broken. My brother @kyle_small15 my cousin @imawesomeur_not by my side. Always my little guys. Now so grown up. It's crazy how time flies. It's an honor to see you 2 grow up to the mature and responsible young men you are today. I love you both. My brothers forever. 👦🏾👦🏾👦🏾
After watching Power and The Purge 2 I feel some type of way lmao.