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Proudly standing by the woman I have become #truth
Just over here try to get these shoulders to grow #fitness #momswholift #pitbullmomaf
Peek a boo abs making a come back, if only I could shed quickly in my lower back! #momswholift
Was bored, saw someone else do it, thought hey what the heck. New goals to work on! #momboss
Best out of 10 attempts. It'll have to do. Thank you @armtheanimals for my Pit bull Mom AF tank #pitbullmomaf
jena059 17w ago
Tomorrow marks 2 weeks of being meat free, I wasn't fully set on totally cutting meat out but now I really have no desire to eat any of it. Before I had Peyton I was vegetarian and I honestly forget how great it felt. Excited to try this tonight! #costcowin
jena059 20w ago
These 2 literally love each other so much, he follows her everywhere outside... so much he decided to get on the school bus with her this morning 🙄#pitbull #pitbulllove #pitbullsnuggles #pitbullsofinstagram #girlsbestfriend
jena059 30w ago
@tunameltsmyheart we've been trying very hard to get the lip tuck down! #pitbull #pitbullsofinstagram
jena059 31w ago
Time for some fun in the very little snow that we have #Quattro #vroomvroom #mamadrives6speed
jena059 32w ago
"I just want to hang with my dog" If this shirt isn't perfection, I don't know what is. #lifemotto#ijustwanttohangwithmydog