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5 MONTHS ✨ you're starting to love your food but still prefer boob, you're trying so hard to crawl, you've learnt to put your hands up when I walk past and you're still the prettiest angel I'll ever lay my eyes on. Mummy and daddy love you sweetheart 💝
4 months of watching you grow and learn new things, 4 months of dirty nappies, 4 months of wondering if I'm being the best mummy to you that I possibly can be, 4 of the toughest but best months of my life. Thanks for picking me baby girl.
And suddenly my little baby is a big baby 😭
21 and blessed to have you my little love bug ❤️
WHERE did that tiny baby go that I gave birth to 3 months ago? You're smiling so much now and even starting to giggle 🙈 you've found your voice and learnt how to squeal. You're so so close to rolling from your back to your belly, still sleeping through every night and you're STILL brightening everyone's world. Mummy and daddy love you so much baby.
You'll never know the love I have for you baby girl. ❤️
The cutest little bunny I ever did see 🐰
Wishing a Happy Birthday to my dad today - I wish you were here to meet your granddaughter, you would have adored her x
When your daddy's been working away all week and is finally home 😍
You make my world so bright ☀️💛
2 months old and officially out of newborn clothes 😭 if only I could slow down time.
Completely inlove with you our little babe.