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Spiderman face paint and fire truck rides!
Today was a perfect day for a #hayride at #ards. #fall is the best time of year!
I had some heavy company on my bike ride today!
I got to spend the day at the lake with this guy. #goodtimes #naturelover #getoutside
Mx practice at #evansville with this guy today!
A new hair cut and Daddy's home made spaghetti and meat balls. This kids good to go!
He's just as excited as I am about my bike! #yamaha #yz250
Testing out the new helmet. He's almost big enough to ride :) #yamaha #pw50 #fox
Riding the big slide like a pro!
This pic doesn't show it but he was very happy with his present from Pappap!
We took a Xmas hike to burn off too much food!
The #moon was amazing yesterday! This pic does no justice. #fall in #pa is the best!
I'm hoping he figures this out soon so I have someone to ride with 😁