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  Posted: May 21, 2012 7:28 PM FEED
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...Last Maternity appointment! Great results. Will deliver on Friday.
Sip 'n See Shower for Baby Laila Rose (TBA).You will be able to meet her in person and bring your gifts.(No photos will be posted after birth and I expect those who visit us, not to spoil it for family and friends who plan to travel to us to see her for the 1st time). •

Invitations to follow. 👣🎀♀️
#Week38 #sipnsee #babyshower #nursery #decor #diy

She'll be here soon, no worries! 😘
Posted: Oct 16, 2017 1:33 AM
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It gets real at this point as we begin
sterilizing these pump accessories for use. #38Weeks #nesting #preparing #nursingmom 👣🎀😘&
Perfect weather for the perfect natural ponytail! I love fall! 🍁🍂🍃
Baby Laila @ #36Weeks today👣 Still hanging in there. All🤰 belly as I predicted, and still wearing all of my pre-baby tops! 😉

#3rdTrimester ##babybump #pregnantfiles
Only child days are numbered and her big sister days are around the corner! 4 weeks left or less...✌✌✌
#Oct27 👣 #BabyLai
2018 is on cruise control. I love to be ahead 👈😉
Got away from storm talk TV for a while and decided to make memories at Concord Mills Mall.
The next best gift after #health, #strength, & 1000 wishes is getting #holiday pay every year on or the day after my birthday! By the way, my day was perfect because you all weren't too busy with festivities to wish me a happy birthday! I thank you!😉 #LaborDayBaby
I've gotten great👌 #birthday #gifts all morning so far, but this one is by far the BEST! My middle school kids made this for me when I got sick at work this past week. I #love all 600+ of these #kids because their #hearts😍 are #pure and made of #gold! Best way to #celebrate a birthday with a gift of such gratitude!❤
#Chapter29 | #BirthdayWishes
Georgia has gained some new residents! Goodbye, S.C. 😘
A week later, a new start giving a reflection of last Monday and how the school system works for me. •
"Seeing the excited little faces return to their education haven made my heart smile. Many kids couldn't wait until summer vacation was over. Overhearing conversations of new ways to earn achievements made me proud like I am the parent who raised these students. Each day I walk into my office I feel a sense of therapy that I have a chance to reign a new day each day I clock in and clock out. I give my all and not just an inch of effort. I feel confident with coworkers who carry integrity, supporting parents who try with their kid(s), and students who aim for excellence. I'm far from a teacher, but a hired support to about 90 employees + Executive Director.
I dreamt at night for years before getting hired and never understood why old events kept replaying differently for better. However, I graduated from school bullying, verbal intimdation or however you'd like to dress it. I wasn't "dumb enough". I couldnt give answers or get my work duplicated so it caused plenty problems. I tried to ignore it, but verbal abuse took time to heal through grade school. As a kid that could damage your mental. I didn't allow it. My parents kept me grounded. I thought they were mean for drilling education in me during and after school hours. They reminded me that I am beautiful + smart each time. I fought, not with my fist but with my academics. Graduated in the top of my class, took home scholarships, and kept life rolling with all positivity. .
So, week 2 of work is here at the workplace, I'm claiming victory! God placed me in a place where He can administer to me and use me to encourage others. Working in a K-12 school isn't 100% easy (I'm honest), but the kids and people you interact with makes it so worth it! I tend to attract the kids that have the potential and yearn for the encouragement I was given while growing up but, didn't get from peers. I hand it to them when they come to me as they tell me about their experiences. I use my testimonial as a guide to allow them to surpass any obstacles. Education is my zone for the Kingdom + for total healing over my life!"
Posted: Aug 19, 2017 6:50 PM
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Starting to make Baby Laila's closet space look official since we have 10 weeks left until her arrival!

#nurserydecor #babythings #roomdecor
Posted: Aug 14, 2017 5:17 PM
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3rd grade in full effect!👈 School 🛎 bells certainly does ring for this cutie on today! •

Praying + Believing + Receiving another great year!