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I've found a few humans over the past years, that I'm keeping..ya'll better know, and like this post. Then, let's do sum stuff..😘
I always liked this picture of when I was in LA with @jorieburgos at the Griffith observatory. Four years ago today..✨🌞🌝🔮(thanks timehop..)
I always love this photo..was up to no good that day.. and it was a good night at the Grand Canyon. @wildandfree444
Had a doggie date this afternoon, I've left the house once in 5 days due to a chest cold..yuck. I nearly barfed after we ran up the stairs..😝 the weather is nice now, I need to make up for working, and partying too much this summer..🙈
Four years ago, timehop.. South Dakota, tripping under the galaxy.. @wildandfree444 lol, always loved this campfire photo..nearly froze to death.