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I think I'm growing into someone you could trust.
I want to shoulder the weight until my back breaks,
I want to run until my lungs give up.
If I could manage not to fuck this up.
Last night was incredible. Only a few things could've made it better, but holy crap was it incredible. 📸by @thomasfalcone
I have no sad lyrics, I'm happy 💁🏻‍♂️✨
I'm finally acquiring the state of mind that everything is gonna be alright.
The sickest behind-the-scenes shot from my shoot with Ograth last weekend. 📸 by the insanely talented @katjapfelbaum. Bands in Germany/Europe, if you don't hire her, you're dumb.
If we ever do arrive in the space where our souls reside, forever to love or burn, which one will you deserve?
Kailah in an abandoned park behind my house 🍁
And I hope I don't drag you down, because I'm starting to feel alright thanks to you.
Hope is a blade that bears my name, I knew your rope was made for me.
Sold my soul to devil with these transitions. A little commercial video for @offendbrandofficial , shot with @theotoka
I owe some people the world, but I owe you shit.
Body, body, don't you give up on me just yet.
I used to be such a burning example, I used to be so original.
The memories of me will seem more like bad dreams.
Just a series of blurs, like I never occurred.
Someday you will be loved.
Lately I've had a hard time getting up in the morning. Lately I've had a hard time working.
Lately I've had a hard time being creative.
Lately I've had a hard time writing.
Lately I've had a hard time leaving the house.
Lately I've had a hard time dealing with my own thoughts.
Lately I've had a hard time sleeping.
Lately I've had a hard time breathing.
To those who've left or I haven't gotten back to, I'm sorry.
To those who've stuck around and been there for me even when I'm getting worse by the day, I owe you everything.