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It’s an honour to meet this humble, kind and vocally gifted artist with super soft hands. He didn’t hesitate when I asked him if I could attend his private show, he nodded and said “yea yea sure, my assistant will get your details”. If it wasn’t because of him, I wouldn’t have sat directly in front of him at the show. You’re a real star with raw talent and the best performer. His reaction was priceless when I sang a verse of his song “You walked into the room and now my heart’s been stolen”😂😂. Thank you so much @jamesarthurinsta23, blessings to you g!
first trip to Singapore was to see Justin Bieber, second trip was to see these tiny animals. #🎄
I bought a longer and bigger shirt to conceal 14KGs of 🍕🍔🍟🍗 to be precise. #DontLetAFailedResolutionFrom2016RobYouOfWhatsBestIn2017
Travelled 30 minutes on a scooter just to get good food with these people
Happy Birthday Luv'en-ya 🎈
i hope you won't be obsessed with ice cream and justin bieber as you grow older. Happy Birthday Aazelia 💕💕💕 #coolsister #youreonlycoolonevery1stofJune
we didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having a good conversation with some good music 🎵
these two musicians can play a simple melody, simple enough to make my world sing. love you 💕💕
watched the sunrise 🌅 at broga hill & explored the woods 🎄 until we made it to the peak of gunung tok wan🗻. can be a tiring hike for some but worth every step👣.
It was a world full of feelings that I didn't have words for yet