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Mi LiL DIva

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Me mi mommy n mi babi sister.dang tasha taller than me!
Me n mi beautiful kids.
♥i love my babies
Million dollar baby. I love my son. Chilln freshout tha tub with his rob on.
My son love water..he didn't wanna get out. Smh
I got some silly babies! Gotta luv em
Ya gurl shedding these pounds like ah hairy puppy.lmao 30mre to go
I'm tryn tell these niggas. Ppl kill me b with ah mf when they brke. Ut soon as they get on they wanna forget who was with them by they side when they ain't have shyt. Smh this is soo tru
Heading out for a productive evening!
I will most def b there. Thankx sister n congrats
Mi mIklStEr eatn his cheese puffs..omg he sooooo big
I'm on BROWN n yu knw toya on WHITE!
Fam with my bro on his way to prom
Me.mi princess her dad n mi babi sister