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Patch From Scratch. This 148-minute track, squished down to 27 seconds, will probably sound better than whatever comes of the following session. #ModularSynth #SDIY
Recently retrofitted a Korg Poly-800 with Moog Slayer and FM-800 mods. I’m no alchemist. I can’t turn shit into gold. But I’ll be damned if these upgrades didn’t give this thing a much-needed control option. #StickWithAnalog, kids.
#tbt that time last week we finally got to see Arcade Fire and they played all the songs I wanted to hear. #NoCarsGo
Small, succulent haul from @centralgrocerynola. All that would fit in my carry-on and almost had to check in the muffuletta. #YumCity @tinnedthings @fish_can_review
@timdaltrey @murkofaeons – whenever you’re hungry.
85 years ago, H.P. Lovecraft opened this door, walked upstairs, and mulled over the Cthulhu mythos with a fellow ‘Weird Tales’ contributor. Holy shit.
Found my old business card. This is going back nearly a decade. Lo and behold, one of these abstractions is my actual title today.
#tbt – that time I met Hemingway's great-great-great-great-granddaughter.
Do you like music? If you like your favorite band, but are iffy on life, you will love @yourfuckingend. This is seriously the scariest plate I own. @blackfreighter @braidedlimbs @worldstar
This book becomes more difficult to read each time. Mainly because it keeps fucking falling apart. #Saramago #TheGoodLife #VanDoren
This lil' bigger flew right into my fucking face, empathized, and dove straight into my beer to drown it out. #BFF
The wonderful folks at @korgofficial have done us a wonderful! Made it easy-sleazy to mod the Monotron Delay to take voltage-in and bypass the fun/dumbass ribbon control via SQ-1. Feel free to PM. Obv gushing on CV rn.