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My camera is broken so all I can do is screenshot the important things my friends send me
Prob take this down later, but I thought I looked cute
Poor old Yogi is retired from mountain biking, so I have to bring the problem children out with me instead...
@cait_white insists this is a bad photo... had such a great time celebrating @jayna_larson and @kevinvf705 tying the knot! #meetthevanfleets
In case anyone has been worried about the old Shitmissile since I sent it off to it's new home, I'd say @mitchumssss is taking pretty good care of it! So happy to see that car get another lease on life 😍
Scrolling back through my own IG is making me want to sell everything and go back to riding a supermoto and driving a haggard shitbox again... I'd keep my mountain bikes though. 🤔
*Takes deep breath* I LOVE MY DOGS. I LOVE MY DOGS. I LOVE MY DOGS... @rodemic guess I'll be ordering the fancy new VMP+ sooner than I thought... #thisiswhywecanthavenicethings
The Duke is in an experimental stage but I dig it #ktmduke690
Saw on the news that a 40 foot humpback whale washed up on the beach, had to go see it for ourselves! We got there after the necropsy so she was in pretty rough shape...