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my dad at walmart

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little autumn kingdom — i came back the next day and this micro-civilization had fallen overnight 🍂
surfing the wall w @chikara.inamura & @sandsfish 🏄🏻🏄🏄🏻‍♀️ i now contain a lot more salt water
ant dragging a potato bug at the miniature golf course, 2017
Mud Muse by Robert Rauschenberg, 1968-71. 1,000 gallons of mud bubbling in response to sound. Smells rly good.
whimsical objects for the body @ rei kawakubo/comme des garçons: art of the in-between ➿
demons bounce off curved roofs, but they travel in straight lines 😈
festival of sree muthappan, the personification of two divine figures — lord vishnu and lord shiva. it is said that his spirit embodies the performer's body for the duration of the ceremony. for six hours, muthappan listened to each person and told us our fortunes while pressing flowers and leaves into our hands 🌺🍃
fresh 🐟/🦐 delivery, for's mom's amazing curry ✨
Feeling very inspired after a visit to the @selfassemblylab! ✨ Some highlights:
1. Aqueous assembly of magnetic structures, playing with the intersection of randomness and order, 2. The full tank, also used to assemble more complex structures (e.g. a chair with joints that can be assembled only one way), 3. Responsive and shape-changing materials, 4. 3D printing in gel, eliminating the need for support structures, & 5. Mechanical Engineering x Anarchy. Thank you @j_laucks for the awesome tour! 😊