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I'm beyond stoked to play The Evil Within 2. Heard nothing but positive things about it. Never watched Channel Zero but it looks interesting.
This is what I plan to dress as for Halloween. A killer axe welding clown. Although I might end up going as Pennywise but this is what I've decided on for now 🎃
Picked up AHS: Roanoke and Cult of Chucky. The reviews for Cult have been really mixed, some said it's bad or the best one in the Child's Play franchise. Child's Play 2 is the best one in my opinion.
Picked up these today. I know The Last Knight probably sucks but these movies are my guilty pleasures lol. Only ones I ever liked are the 1st and 3rd one. Heard good things about 47 Meters Down 🦈🦈
What's your favorite season of AHS? Mine is Roanoke. I know that season gets ton of hate....which is odd considering it's the most "horror" vs the previous seasons. But....Cult may becoming my favorite season. It focuses on psychological terror rather than supernatural stuff we've seen in the other seasons.
I've been meaning to post this, posted it in my story before. This is an autographed print signed by Chosen Jacobs,Finn Wolfhard, Sophia Lillis,Jeremy Ray Taylor and Wyatt Oleff. 😁🎈
In less than 2 years, we all float again 🎈🎈 that means we will likely see IT chapter 1 & 2 edited together for the blu-ray release later that year.
Glad I was able to find one of these posters online! Insidious: The Last Key would of been coming out like in 2 weeks if they haven't moved it to January 😩
Happy 70th birthday to The King of Horror himself🔪🎈💀. All the SK books we have are in the crawlspace in a box and no way I'm getting down there lol.
Picked up Hot Topic Exclusive Pennywise and Wonder Woman 4K Blu-Ray. Check out the artwork on the back of the Funko box, that'd look so good on a steelbook 😍
Watched IT for the 3rd time and got a Jigsaw(Saw 8) poster😁 wanted a Insidious: The Last Key poster but they didn't set em out yet. If you ever want a poster from your local theatre, just ask! Chances are they have extras in the backroom
Every once in awhile, there's that one movie that just stays with us because it's so good and that movie is IT(2017). Now I'm not gonna compare the miniseries to this, they're both good in my opinion. Everything about this movie is great especially the acting from the kids, Richie was freaking hilarious. Bill Skarsgård knocked out of the park with his performance of Pennywise, makes me wonder why they never considered him for The Joker. Going for a 3rd and final round this weekend, it's so good. 10/10🎈 IT is also headed toward being the highest grossing horror movie of all time at the box office.
Watched IT for the 2nd time today. If you haven't seen this, go watch it! It's so goddamn good! Got the shirt at hot topic if anyone wanted to know 🎈 🎈 I'm thinking of a......round 3 😉
The week is finally here. I don't think I've been this excited for a movie ever. 4 more days!🎈
A day late but they came. Season 7....was okay but, it was slow. However, the premiere episode, The Day Will Come When You Won't Be, is in my top 10 episodes. so goddamn brutal it was 😫
Picked up the Wal-mart exclusive of Alien: Covenant. Couldn't resist the shirt it comes with. Little annoyed that it's XL though.
Finally have the Glenn & Negan set! They were going to include a smashed Glenn but chose not to due to backlash from fans. Got the Morgan/impaled walker set for $8, great deal 😁.
"Camp Zombie lake" I love doing these shots so much. Alot of fun to do 💀
"Miss Me?" So stoked for Annabelle: Creation 😁