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This is what sofa shopping with a toddler looks like 🙄 He launched himself onto every single sofa and chair in the whole shop I think (including a very pale grey one before I noticed he had muddy shoes 🙈)
It is with broken hearts that we share some extremely sad news. Last Monday, we lost our Murdock. Our baby (before we had a baby), our little guy, our more than a cat.
I started to write a huge post about what happened and some of our great memories of him but then stopped because none of that really matters at the moment.
In ancient times, cats were considered to be Gods. And it was because of cats like Murdock.
Murdock was special. He was unique. He was amazing.
It's been a blackberry picking, pond dipping, stone skimming, river walking, path climbing, wet trouser, Forest School kind of morning 🌲💚🌳🌿☔️
Cute photo... til he realises you are actually taking his picture of course! 😂
Looking through wedding photos and desperately wishing we were still on Oahu!
Lots more farm fun. He was so brave and stroked EVERYTHING, from cows and sheep, to an owl, snake, chick and alpaca!
It's #InternationalCatDay, so here are my lot looking pretty 💙
And, if you pop to @murdock_and_co We have a competition on our Facebook page to win your choice of collar! 🐱💛🐱
Peepo! ... and an unplanned mini picnic
Yay! My engagement ring is back after being fixed! The diamond was spinning in the setting and I've been scared to wear it in case I lost it! 💍💎
Throwback to a teeny Boo and her little black nose 🖤
When your toddler gets in the ice creams on the way home from the shop... then mutters 'oh no..' 😳
A whole year since we lost our lovely Oliver 💔
Murdock and his 'little brother'. Toby isn't even quite one yet. I'm convinced that he is part panther! 🐯🦁
Harry took a stroll through the deep, dark wood... we didn't meet a Gruffalo, but we did look for him! Harry was quite happy splashing in the brook instead!
A master of thumbs up 👍 I took a little while, few months ago he couldn't work out how to keep his fingers tucked in but keep his thumb out (not through lack of trying I might add!) but in these last few weeks he's cracked it 😁 👍👍👍