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Oh ya know ...just getting ready for my trip to Orlando ! I haven’t showered , packed or shaved ...but im getting there . Such a relaxing day before a long drive to the bay . Catching a red eye flight#myfirstone. I feel so blessed that this little mom vacation is covered by plexus . Sometimes I think “ who needs probiotics and gut health anyways ???” And then I eat Taco Bell and wake up with 6 pack abs and im like “ yup this girl right hheeerrrrrrreeeee👩‍🔬”! #probio5#vitalbiome#guthealth#flatstomach #sofancy
Lets rock n roll! This bad boy is only $25 and a week full of info and prizes is priceless . Join us for a week Of awesomeness and see why we all 😻😻😻😻plexus so much! Starts on monday so you have time to get that order in # guthealth#balancedbloodsugars #dealoftheday #runningonpink
There we many a moment in the last 3 days that I could have and probably should have totally lost my cool as a mom. I spent Friday night tearing the house apart looking for Jensen’s ⚽️ Jersey . Literally everywhere . I had to work the weekend so I wanted everything ready for my mom to take the kids to games . Couldn’t find it anywhere . I stayed calm and found a replacement from a boy who wasn’t at the game #thankscoach . The following day olive painted our light cream carpet a beautiful blue . I was trying to do laundry and and organize the office while this was going down. I did put her in time out but I didn’t yell or spank. I grabbed the laundry soap and scrubbed the floor for what seemed like an hour . Tonight olive put slime#thedevil onto our bath 🛀 towels . It doesn’t come off . Again I didn’t tell . I know for a fact that the reason I haven’t flipped my lid is bc I take my chill pill every morning . So all you mommas ! Run out and get a legit probiotic . Vital biome is my fave but you can take whatever . The gut is in charge of our feel good vibes ...keep the gut happy and you willl be a nice happy momma even when your child paints everything #woosaaaaah
I ate an entire tray of cucumber with chili 🌶 lime seasoning . Am I gonna regret this later ? #cucumber #cucumbereverything #traderjoes#chilelime
Talk about a mayday situation. We accidentally left our left bag of slim on the country roads of escalon,ca . I ordered more literally the second we found out. Monday morning I dug around all my old suitcases and found 1 original slim(OG if you will) and one newbie . Yesterday I powered through work without any and Andrew found one packet in a secret stash#snake . So today at 1130 I waited at the mail box slim from the mail lady. angel 👼 of a mother dropped off 2 packets to get us through tomorrow #hisandhers . All of right in the world . The focus I have when I drink this bad boy is incredible ! I am a calmer momma . We have a cleaner house 🏡. I am happier . Put down the sugar loaded coffee drinks And sugar free carb free red bulls . If you want wings.....this is what you need #slimforlife #runningonpink #hisandhers #balancedbloodsugar#thanksgran#momma #redbull #natural
This boy passed his orange 🍊 reading list! So proud of all the hard work he has been putting in. I did accidentally bribe him with a toy if he passed so....we are headed to toy r us 😬. #ginger #mommasboy #mommydate #myheart
What do You eat before a 🏃!? It’s my day off people! Which meant taking kids to school, finally getting cheap gas at Costco , making hummerbird nectar and getting an amazing run in . Popping some power charged multivitamins so my little rascals don’t get me sick 😷. Life is grand!#xfactor #avocadotoast #eggs #runner #1/2marathoner#runningmom #runningonpink
Making lunches for tomorrow. One is doing Nutella and the other is doing sun butter. There is more on their hands and counters than there is on the bread 🥖 #sisters#besties#sacklunch#sunbutter #nutella#apples#seaweed#ayala
So most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen. So proud to be her sister . She’s gonna rock this wife thing #finallyvitale #sisters#ayala #escalon#walkerranch
My Soulmates. My best friends . My life long partners . We laugh , we parent , we write speeches and vows . This is what true happiness looks like #vitalewedding#soulmates#bestfriendgoals #bestfren#matronofhonorduties #finallyvitale
My rock forever . My sweetest Mamaw . Great grandmother to my children. Great mother to my father . There is never enough time spent with you. 91
Is looking reeeaaalll good ! #mamaw #southerncharm #greatgrandma#naomi
It’s fall in the valley y’all. So so cold! The rooster was up at 6am. Is that something you just get used to with country livin? These sweet boys have been outside twice , played with toys , and stopped mid run because “ im hungry!” It’s going to be a great day!
#enterprise #countryboy #countrykids #vitalewedding #chickens