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Black. Proud. And well-traveled. These are the passport stamp loving sisters I chose to travel to southern Italy with. Thank you to @sistersandsuitcases for fearlessly taking #BlackWomen all around the world and back again. This is only day 2 and this unique experience has been beautiful. #DaniWanderlust #SistersAndSuitcases #Pompei #Pompeii #TravelNoire #BlackAndAbroad #Italy
When #Dove asked me to redo their most recent problematic (slightly racist) ad, I had to kindly oblige. Ok they didn't ask. I did it myself. Oh and don't forget to pour #SoupOnRacists! Check out this week's #JudgeOfCharacters #DaniWorks #TheRoot
If you could sentence #Trump to something, what would it be? #JudgeOfCharacters #DaniWorks
Grab a #Trump towel! #ICYMI check out #JudgeOfCharacters from last week where I drag your president. #PuertoRico #DaniWorks
In 2012, the United Nations declared October 11th as "International Day of the Girl Child" to help galvanize worldwide enthusiasm for the betterment of the lives of young girls and to provide opportunities for them to show leadership and reach their full potential.

To join in on the celebration, @gyrlwonder asked a few ladies to describe a defining #GyrlPower moment this year, and to share our take on what makes being a gyrl so powerful! Here's what I had to say!

#IamGyrlWonder #GyrlWonder #DayOfTheGirl #InternationalDayOfTheGirlChild Thanks @tolaspeakstome! 😘
#Empire is back on tonight. Who's watching? I recently got to a chance to chat with the cast! Stay tuned for the interviews! Swipe ➡️#TarajiPHenson #TerrenceHoward #RumerWillis #DemiMoore #LeeDaniels #DaniWorks
So after watching every #ForTheDChallenge video I could find, and being asked to do my own, I tried a little something with my coworker boo @yoana718! There's a surprise ending. #TakeAKnee #DaniWorks #ForTheDickChallenge
Issa celebration every time we link up. Greatness is what we're on the brink of. @kofisiriboe Swipe ➡️ #ShootYourShot2017 #DaniWorks #DaniPlays #Kofi #KofiSiriboe #BAE
This might have been my favorite 6 minute interview ever. And before I left he said: "it truly was a pleasure. Truly." And I thanked him and wished I had more time and he said: "this won't be the last time sista." Claiming it! Until we meet again Sterling Thirst Trap Brown. Hehe! #DaniWorks #SterlingKBrown #ThisIsUs
Ooooh ladies first. Listen. When I walked in the room (bc I left to get sandwiches bc I can't deny free food) @queenlatifah said: oh hey girl! How you been?! I love being memorable. It's important to think about the residue you leave behind when people experience you. What's your residue? #DaniWorks #QueenLatifah #MyShero
Sometimes God reminds me that the light (S)he put in me is bigger than I could even imagine. Other people always tell me about my light, my personality and my vibe. And I used to be like nahhhh, but now I wholeheartedly receive their kind words. I'm grateful to be gifted with these qualities. Today, @ledisi experienced it and told me she recognized the light. I fell all the way in love with her today during our interview and the feeling was mutual. She poured into me and offered her friendship after our chat. So now we friends IRL! All of that to say, be YOU. Everyone else is taken. And you are it! Swipe ➡️! #DaniWorks
Reminiscing on my flawless makeup by @neonfix for my bday dinner. So good! What filter? #dani33 #virgoseason
#TBT to last week when #Tyrese was in his feelings about #TheRock's spinoff and unanswered texts. #JudgeOfCharacters #DaniWorks
Swipe ➡️: I don't know what I do so right in life to afford such amazing, selfless friends, support, love and generosity but I want this moment for life. Thank you God for another year (b)older! Thank you @pynkmagazine @pynkgirlmm @omars_kitchen @jxallure @rebelgoddesshair @iamdrbobbi for providing an amazing party and everyone who showed up to let me shower them in gratitude! #Dani33 #VirgoSeason #spon
Celebrating @gorgeousingrey and @mikael_aaron10 was just such a fulfilling day of love and laughter that proved to me that #BlackLove is the most beautifullest thing in the world! Check out this little sizzle reel of the #LetsGreyTogether wedding! Also, my thighs make a wonderful cameo. You're welcome. 🎥 @chipdizard
Thank you God for moments like these. #Repost @the.root (@get_repost)
"The things that make us different are our super powers." Congrats to #TheRoot100 honoree @lenawaithe for her win for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for @masterofnone :: #BlackGirlMagic #ReclaimingMyTime #Emmys #Emmys2017 #BlackArt #BetOnBlack #BlackExcellence