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From our mini road trip to the US-12 garage sale last Saturday.
tayaroo 10w ago
Frank had a photo shoot yesterday. I tried to do Hamlet, too, but he saw what I was up to and ran away. 😂

#frank #pug #pugmix #pugsofinstagram #cooldog #rescue #rescuedog #sunglasses
tayaroo 24w ago
My dogs are either sleeping or running around so fast you almost can't see them.
tayaroo 25w ago
Miss Elaina during her team pictures on Saturday morning. 😊⚾ #littleleague
tayaroo 26w ago
Frank ran right up to bed last night and burrowed himself into the blanket pile at the end of the bed.
tayaroo 33w ago
My new pal hanging from his cat basket. @returningyou