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And so the remodeling dust begins to fall as the always ON POINT Roger Angevine prepares the stairway for the new steel handrails he's fabricating for me. It's going to change the look of the place so much! #remodel #steelhandrails #rogeristhebomb
I know I am not a perfect human, not by any stretch of the imagination- and so it is such an honor that some of our younger friends hold us up as role models for their children. #handsonyourhearts #whatalove #stone #vale #luke
And as for me I will show love for the USA at all times and on all occasions because that's what LOYALTY is all about. #dogheart
She's so good!!! Just stays on our patio as golfers 🏌 play 20 yards away. #pittbull #pittie #dogsofinstagram
My FIRST foray onto the golf course. 😃. It's neither accepted, nor safe to wander the course while people are playing of course, and since I haven't had time for a lesson yet I put a reminder for a full moon 🌕 experience. I'm not at all disappointed. 💜💜💜
"I got friends in low places...". And I love them!!!!! So blessed
Sure - you know what's going on - all I know is you keep sending pieces of my territory off in other people's cars...#poorbabygirl #shesconfused #wewouldneverleaveyouJD.