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kimelao 282w ago
A piece of heaven in the palm of my hand. #CheesecakeBites #SamsClub #Heaven
  • Omg...The palangi ward my parents and I go to always be serving this...#YFL

  • Kime, dad said come back and buy more of those lol!

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Every single time my son scores a TD, I tell him to thank his lineman first. #EastFootball #RB #EPTF 3 of his TD runs today, thanks to his teams awesome blocking!
Happy 2nd birthday to this beautiful word traveling baby!! She's spent more time in Maui than she has in Utah. She's flown over 100,000 miles already in her short 2 years. Iuni Moana Lao is the spoiled princess of our family. Her siblings listen to this little bossy baby's every command 😂. She has such a fun, goofy personality. She loves to sing and dance, knows so many songs on the radio and she just loves potato chips :) #BabyIuni #Bubbah #MauiGirl
My baby turns 2 tomorrow! She's growing up too fast. I want more babies lol. And I miss my beard 😢lol. Happy Thursday 😎. #IuniMoana
I've had a beard now for over 2 years. My daughter has never seen me without one. I said I'd never shave it unless I'm going back to BYU to finish school or my wife ever asked me to. Well I start my new job tomorrow and they said I have to 😂😳😢. My baby thought it was so funny to feel my face and double chins lol. I know my mom will be so happy 😜. #BeardGangAtHeart
It's #RivalryWeek and as usual, me and my younger (yes, I'm older even though everyone always thinks she's older because she fie lahi 😂) sister are back at it again. Like most Ute fans, she just likes the U to be different and annoy the rest of our fam that are die hard Cougar fans 😜#BYU #Utes #GoCougs #PleaseWinThisYear #NiaAndBruceAreHellaAnnoying #WhenWeLose lol #GoCougs
Happy 27th birthday to my little brother @heikoti who loves his bullies more than all the nieces and nephews except my son Heikoti lol. @kujo_the_bully I would take you to eat but we never know where you are because you're a ninja 😂
After a valiant fight with cancer, our sweet aunt Tofi was called home to our Heavenly Father yesterday 😢
In 1996 I was living with my grand parents Kime & Fale'aka. After my grandpa Kime passed away that April, Tofi & Alani moved in to help take care of me and grandma, because uncle Miles was serving a mission in Cali at the time.
She took such good care of us. Always smiling, always cheerful and always positive. I've never heard her complain, never spoke ill of anyone. She loved everyone she would meet, and everyone that met Tofi, loved her as well.
Ofa lahi atu Tofi, until we meet again
My girls are coming home from Maui finally! This baby of mine, not even 2 years old yet, has traveled more than most adults I know 😂 I can't wait to see my girls 😍
When you promise your sister @lataimoana you'll make her otai, but you're running late for work, you improvise! Works like a charm, way better than using a fork 😂 #Otai #Blender
My wife and two daughters have been in Maui for a week now. Definitely the hearts of our home. I miss them so much @leidipua
kimelao 10w ago
Me and my beautiful 13 yr old niece Sosefina Manatau :)
kimelao 11w ago
"Wee Wah Woo!!" My baby Iuni's version of BYU 😊
kimelao 11w ago
Hey family and friends!! Sateki & Kime will be mowing lawns to pay their little league football fees. Pua or myself, will stop by your home with our sons, to mow your lawn. They can also pull weeds, haul away junk or clutter etc. Call, text or message @leidipua or myself to setup a time to put these brothers to work. 760-646-6580 or 760-810-5010 Thank you so much for your support! #LaoBrothers
kimelao 12w ago
My two older sons Sateki & Kime are so excited for football season. My son Heikoti (far left) could careless about football, he looks forward to Tuesday nights, fire knife practice with @harris.mataafa I'll make sure he practices this week, and he'll be ready for the next step 🔥
kimelao 12w ago
In no particular order: Anchorage, Maui, Oahu, Amsterdam, Paris, Fiji, Tonga, Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, South Dakota, Atlanta, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Puerto Rico ..... all in the last 8 months 😳 Wow! These kids have been everywhere! Where to next?! 🤔#TeamDelta #LaoFamilyAdventures ✌🏽✈️ @leidipua
kimelao 13w ago
Super fun day-date with my cowgirl yeehaww 😂 @leidipua 😍😘❤️
kimelao 13w ago
#ThrowbackThursday Wolfgramm reunion 2013 Don't be jealous and siit guhh