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*swipe for unbelievably beautiful nature*
I came, I saw, I fell in love with the land of the Klahoose First Nation, and I learned so much about the work I can do to make our world a more equitable place. (And saw seals and a pod of whales!!! OMG.) Happy thanksgiving, Canada. Mega thankful for you. 🇨🇦
For the next 4 days I am lucky enough to be on an amazing adventure. I'm currently on a ferry, headed to a Canadian island, for a conference to talk about progressive campaigns and mobilizing people for social justice and I am so excited. I am 100% out of my comfort zone and absolutely terrified and know no one, but I suppose I can't be too debilitatingly nervous with views like these.
I've got a flight full of sours!! (With a live Irish folk duo and mountains in the background.) Best day ever for the 782nd time with @mayorswanson
I have been having a really hard time with this most recent move/not being at Planned Parenthood/finding a way to feel fulfilled in this new place. This guy is helping me get through my anxiety every step of the way. Even when I feel like a fraud or incredibly uncomfortable in my own skin, he still manages to make me smile and remind me that I'm worthy of love and happiness. This photo reminds me of one of the most blissful days we've ever shared, along the Pacific Ocean's coast.
Thanks for being the orange to my blue.
The view from my afternoon meeting.
I don't think I'll ever get over living here.
Happy 4th from me, my couch, and my favorite shirt.
When you turn left out of our new apartment complex, this is what you see. I didn't know a person could get this lucky.
It's official. The apartment is empty. It's our last night in our lil Kansas town. Time for a mountain adventure! (Shoutout to @tinavtine for this photo which is maybe my new favorite possession)
Today is my last day at @ppgreatplains and WOW do I have a lot of feelings. I've learned more about myself, the kind of person I want to be, and the kind of world I want to fight for over the last year than ever before in this life of mine.
Thank you to all of my intelligent, fierce, ridiculously talented coworkers for helping me along this journey of growth and self discovery. I will always, ALWAYS #standwithpp. ❤️✊🏻
14/10, would recommend being married to @mayorswanson when life punches you square in the face on your way to work (who knew he could change a tire?!)