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  Posted: May 20, 2012 6:21 PM FEED
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On my bike rides I usually look for cows, sheep, goats, etc... but my new happy landscape of Sonoma County are the signs of gratitude, thanks, hope, kindness, community, appreciation, and love.  Love, love, lots and lots of love for all the first responders (and each other, too!)! Sonoma County has never been more beautiful!  I’d love to know who coined “THE LOVE IN THE AIR IS THICKER THAN THE SMOKE”, it’s so profound and true.  I love this jack-O-gratitude, and I spotted him on Arata in Windsor - he made my heart swell and made me laugh at the same time.  Thank you to whoever put him on the corner!  #SonomaStrong #SonomaCountyStrong #NapaStrong #WindsorCalifornia #thankyoufirstresponders
Thank you to everyone who has DM’d, texted, FB’d, and tweeted me about the Sonoma County/Napa fires. We are safe. We are on the northern edge of Santa Rosa and our neighborhood is safe. We are hopeful it’ll stay that way but are prepared if things change. PG&E has shut off our gas and that safety precaution is so comforting. We have no Internet and barely a bar of cell service so I can’t respond to FB messages, etc, so I’m responding here on Instagram (and this post will auto direct to Facebook for my friends on family not on Instagram) and hope to be able to post this happier of times photo of wonderful Sonoma County.

Update: Thank you everyone for your sweet, wonderful comments!! Not gonna lie, it’s been scary days. Focusing on the helpers (ala Mr Rogers) and the strong, warm, loving, and caring Sonoma County community. The kindness and love in Sonoma County is stronger than the devastation! We can’t thank and appreciate enough our fire, law enforcement, emergency services, PG&E, KSRO radio, everyone helping from down the street to from across the world!
Me and Cappone are totally buds. Friendship via @jimtownstore’s ham & brie.
Posted: Oct 4, 2017 3:57 AM
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I got a new camera and this guy volunteered to be my model for test shots. I’ve become so used to my iPhone for photos that using a simple point-and-shoot is now seriously complex and complicated. Also complicated is writing a shopping list and waiting for spell check or tying to pinch a postcard to zoom in. Sigh, at least I can still tell time on my analog clock. ⏰
Did something I didn’t think I was going to be able to do: ride my bike up and over the grueling climb on Coleman Valley Road in the @levisgranfondo. I did it, ohmygosh I DID IT!! I had family and friends cheering me, strangers cheering me, CHP officers cheering me... and it was all heart swelling eye sweating wonderful... but ohmygosh there was sheep waiting for me at the top of #ColemanValleyRoad!! Most beautiful ride ever (the #levisgranfondo Medio route): vineyards of Santa Rosa, redwoods on the Bohemian Hwy, the magnificent Pacific Ocean on Hwy 1, the peak of Coleman Valley Rd (I’m pretty sure I saw Hawaii to the west and Chicago to the east), all the amazing food stops (like eating a freshly grilled quesadilla on the edge of the Pacific Ocean!), and meeting and experiencing 6,000+ super nice people from all over the world who I shared high fives and cheering with. And the guy with the kitten jersey was pretty awesome, too. Biggest physical achievement of my life and cemented my belief that age, weight, and physical impairments do not decide how I live life. Having training by @deraleek808 and having a sweet new ride helped, too! (@livcycling #livlangma with @sramroad Red eTap custom built by @windsorbicyclecenter and jersey by @tonik_apparel #TonikAdventure)
So incredibly proud of my brother @onerivermedia last night at the San Francisco premier of his amazing (and multi award winning!!) movie @1010film!! But hahaha I totally upstaged him by wearing my magic powered #StormTrooper #WashiDress.
Hey Joffery, can I get you anything? A glass of wine?
Posted: Sep 19, 2017 7:47 PM
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I was cleaning out my car and found a bunch of windshield parking receipts I was saving up for my grand imaginary revenge plot for that Disney-esque villain City of Portland metermaid who was so mean to me that one time (insert @violetcraft telling said villain: "but she's from Astoria!"). My imaginary revenge plot was that I was going to plaster these all over my windshield and force the metermaid to have to sort through all of them to find the actual valid one. Not that I was ever going to go through with it, but it gave me a chuckle to go through the pretend process. So now I'm thinking I need to @Spoonflower this because every receipt is a reminder of the very best of times spent with the very best of friends. #portlandoregon #pdx
The view from my bike tonight. Autumn is coming.
So I'm post bike ride cooling off in my dog's kiddie pool (see previous post) when it dawned on me - OHMYGOSH I'M SPLASHING ABOUT IN MY DOG'S WATERBOWL! And side note: I'm not afraid to show I'm a big girl, because I'm pretty pleased with myself that I don't let my weight or size stop me from doing fun things/being active/living healthy. #cyclelikeagirl #stravacycling. #cyclinglife @iamspecialized_wmn @livcyclingusa #shebeest #bayareaheatwave
Came home from a bike ride in oppressive heat and wildfire smoke filled air. I joked with myself that I was going to jump into my dog's kiddie pool, bike clothes and all... and I 100% followed through. #bayareaheatwave
Color ordering things (being color bossy) in the lobby at my #Volkswagen dealership while I wait. This lobby is my playroom.
The Halloween aisle was up at my grocery store. And then this happened. #AutumnIsComing
Momma's got a new pair of shoe. 💥Bam. My right foot is almost 2" shorter then my left foot after my foot was sawed off and reattached {fo realz}. Which is my go-to excuse to buy so many shoes. #cuphalffull #rideshimano #cyclinglife #stravacycling
Eclipse'n from the 78.4%. Not so much getting dark, yet, but it's sooooooocrazy quiet!! #sonomacounty #norcal #CAeclipse
It's harvest time in Sonoma County, and these beauties are literally growing on the sidewalk by the airport. They'rrrrrrrre grape! 🍇🐯
I had an audience today, so I practiced some new jokes on them. Baa baa baa baa, they laughed sarcastically. Whatever. At least the cows think I'm funny.