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These shots of Mt. Hood are from this morning's commute. The sunrise was just perfect. Swipe ▶️ to see the mountain disappear into the fog as I drive down the hill. #commuters #mthood #oregon
I see these geese in the park nearly every day. They get really upset and agitated when I get too close. Especially if I'm running. Today I tried to get a picture and they were especially unhappy about it.
It's that perfect time of year again when I'm driving to work just as the sun rises over Mt. Hood. No matter stressed out I've been, when I see this sky I feel peaceful and content.
Spiderman and Captain America ready to head off to school this morning. #superheros #preschool
Evening run at the park last night. I love the blue sky paired with the changing leaves. Fall is a beautiful season.
These 2 never cease to make me smile. ♥️☺️
Sometimes the best Saturday is one where we stay in our jammies and play outside all morning. #summer #saturday #funoutside
j_clemo 13w ago
My fuschias are finally putting out some pretty blossoms.
j_clemo 16w ago
When life gets you down and you feel sad and despairing sometimes the only way to get outside of your head is to get up early and go for a run. It doesn't change circumstances, but it is mind clearing. 😔
j_clemo 18w ago
Standing on this riverbank my problems melt away and time stands still. I'm eternally glad to be in this moment right now. 😌 #oregon #camping #getoutside
j_clemo 22w ago
The crimson clover is in full bloom right now. I saw this gorgeous field on my way to work. What's #inbloom where you are? #pacnw #oregon #oregonspring #trees
j_clemo 23w ago
Reunited with my bestie. I've missed you so much!
j_clemo 23w ago
I have no words other than it was a wonderful send-off for Megan. Live long and prosper.
j_clemo 23w ago
Heading to #dfw to say goodbye to Megan and reconnect with friends and family. So many emotions. 😭#pdx #pdxcarpet
j_clemo 23w ago
We've got the laptops outside to "work!"