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A girl is the happiest when she fit in the perfect shoe for he special day... Be different. 

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Happy 1st anniversary of marriage and 10 years of knowing each other sayang! May allah bless us always and murah kan rezeki kita husband and wife. Alhamdulilah betol2 kita genap 1 year... allah beri kita rezki rumah. Let's create more memories together sayang. Real adulthood starts today. 🤣 #nakbabypulaksayang 😆😆😆
Throwback to last Thursday Teacher's Day dinner for tjose who didnt go to Penang:) hope i can join next year's holiday trip 😉#asianfoodmarket
6 years huh babe.! Getting more jambu after becoming a mom❤️ may this friendship continues to sail. 😄❤️❤️@iam_belleoh
So blessed that @nr.seha came all the way to JUrong just to have dinner with me n @ndhrhdnsh ... lepas rindu! :) thanks babe... just like good ol times . To more makan session! ❤️ #sahabat
Sedap nye bau dia... bau telon! ... nanti kita jumpe lagi ok Malica? . 😆 #imadehervomitforthefirsttime
Assalmuailaikum Takoyaki. 😆 aku rindu kau!!! #takoyaki
What's for breakfast? ❤️ thank you kak for ur never ending delicious creation.! The gula melaka is mampat and power lah . The salted caramel is so fluffy. I love it so much! Keep it up kak. If u r looking for delicious, fluffy, tak lokek fillings, do get ur craving fix from @firabakes in ig or Safira Sufi ok? 😘 #firabakes
She made my day ❤️ congrats again @nr.seha and @muhdfahnibnrhmt ... she so blessed to have great parents like u both. Alhamdulilah. See u soon again insyallah!
Happy Birthday B .... i meet u soon for ur bdae present ok?! I love you!! Dont want to type so long... later i will be emotional. 😆 may god bless you always and im thankful that i have a B like u forever . 😘