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  • moonrokk 282w ago

    @dubs0ne didn't spot you all day!

  • dubs0ne 282w ago

    @moonrokk I was at the DJ Booth Allday brother.

  • dubs0ne 282w ago

    I'm glad you guys came out and enjoyed yourselves. Hit with your tee sz and addy. I'll send you out a care package.

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:: TEMPTATIONS :: I know there is a couple more after this album, but my top three Fellowship albums are now complete! To whom it may concern..., Innercity Griots and Temptations. Big up's to the man Dan @needletothegrooverecords Fremont for the LP and cassette tapes. #nttgfremont #needletothegroove #FreestyleFellowship #WestCoast #HipHop #LosAngeles #Records #Wax #Vinyl #Cassettes #strictlycassette #DiggersLife #FuqsWithMe #Brrraaappp
Great weekend with my city, family and friends. I miss ya'll! Thank you for rockin' with us! Video courtesy of my brotha @beits3 #cuffinlbc #longbeach #CAallday #thegoodbarlongbeach #Brrraaappp with cameo's of: @djefechto @djddouble @boogieboytheo @_dontforget_thes @nicklebagnolte 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
dubs0ne 13w ago
The RiL!!! Congrats to my brotha and Long Beach's own @beits3 aka Gr.JSN on his new project #PERFECT - Please support and cop the album! 🔥
"Perfect" Limited Edition. #Vinyl #2LP.
One of the reasons I named this album #Perfect, is because during the making of this album, a lot of things went "wrong". From having all of the money that I saved for a year taken away and having to start all over, to equipment breaking, to close friends/family passing away. And that's just to name a FEW things. I definitely had more than enough reason to quit. But I didn't. Most things didn't go the way that I planned for them to go, and there was definitely a shi* load of discouragement, doubt, fear, and insecurity that greeted me DAILY, strongly suggesting that I quit, but I didn't.
I'm not posting this to pat myself on the back or as a sobb story for sympathy, I'm posting this to #encourage anyone who's reading this and having a hard time pursuing or reaching a goal, no matter how big or small it may be to NOT QUIT. You very well may have to "adjust your sails", but DO NOT QUIT. If you feel like you're outta gas, just push a lil harder than you think you can push.. Even when everything is "crumbling" around you.. I can 99.9% guarantee that you will see your goals come to fruiton if you do. Even now that I've reached this goal of releasing an album, I have NO idea how this is going to turn out, but I'm ready to find out.
Faith and work go hand in hand.
Stay focused. Stay Resilient. Stay positive (sometimes easier said than done). Understand that things may not go as perfect as you planned, but ultimately they're working out for the greater good, and that's Perfect.

#grind + #discipline + #faith = #blessings

Now go get your issue. ✌🏾! -#Beits

Full Length Album by Gr.JsnBeits.
#Beats and #Rhymes by Gr.JsnBeits.
#DoubleLP includes a total of 18 songs. (9 vocal versions, 9 #instrumental versions)
Front Cover illustration by @nicklebagnolte
Rear Cover shot by @colaco007
Front Cover photo taken at Webster Elementary,
Santa Fe & 33rd. #LBC.
Vinyl pressed by @capsulelabs ***LINK IN BIO.*** WWW.RILSOUNDSYSTEM.COM
#RilSoundSystem #LongBeach #Worlwide #CAallday