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#picstitch coming soon. Like.... Really really real soon. #lompoc #skateshop #surfconnection
  • alisarex 282w ago

    fuuuuuuugh. dude. today was cray. glad you & the guys were there with us. 😊

  • doren.lkt 282w ago

    So stoked for this move. These Big things...

  • @alisarex dude it was work as fuck haha. But yeah anytime you guys need help with anything, get in contact with me and I'll head on down and do my best!

  • @lost_kings_tattoo the new place looks like it belongs in Pismo or somewhere that's NOT Lompoc hahaha

  • doren.lkt 282w ago

    Gotta keep the Elevation going...and build it and make it happen mos deff is the answer... #goodthings

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