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091017; Happy Birthday Mama ❤️ please stop ageing so I can forever be your spoilt brat 😘
Trying to stay optimistic for my grades this semester #hopeful
;210817 How can we forget about yoga??? When @thisisjme throws a birthday party ✨ #happy20th #yoga
230817; Happy 20th Birthday Shang!! 😆my AVOCADO mate 😘 my hiking mate !! my impromptu buddy !! my 📸 mate!! You know outings with me are the best and full of surprises 🎉hope your day did turn out as 'special' as you'd like it to be @keeeshang ps: I'll never forget that moment of silence in my room 😂 and may the lord bless your photography skills 🙈 also, thanks for always listening 💕
Dabbing on the mountain with dem ski gears⛷
Enhancing the effect of meditation by the beach 🌾