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Thanks to everyone that came to see @coldcollectivema in Worcester tonight, and for all the kind words and encouragement. Needed that. ✌🏻 🌙
It’s been pretty wild bartending on this street and getting out of work when the rats wake up. Let’s go Sox.
Something really strange happened to me when I met this woman ~two years ago. We started talking...and we never stopped- I couldn't, I didn't know how to. Before we started dating, she was living in Miami for a couple months for school. We had only gone on two dates before she left, two weeks later. One day, she gave me shit for being lackluster at responding to texts after a month of constant communication. I was stressed working doubles every day- but the thought of even losing touch with this girl terrified me. On paper, it didn't even really make sense- but I already felt so connected to this person I was getting to know through texts, pictures, bitmojis, and late night phone calls. A day hasn't gone by since then where we haven't spoken. A couple months later- she drove directly from Miami to my house in Stoneham. I have never fallen so hard for anyone- it's an insanely incredible feeling. Since, we've lived together faster than anyone said we should've- and I wouldn't change that for anything. We've build so much together. We've had ups and downs. I've learned more from her than any other human I've ever encountered. She constantly challenges me emotionally, mentally, and physically- and that's why I love her so much. She makes me want to be a good person, and learn how to love myself. I still have a lot to work on, and a lot more to learn from her. I pray every single day that I can keep her in my life for eternity.
So happy birthday, Nicole. Welcome to 27- you're old now, too. I promise, it will be a good year. I thought I'd start it off by being embarrassingly cheese on the internet. I love you @ntheiss
Playing the Remember September music festival in Brockton tonight! We play around 10! All address and info on @coldcollectivema page
Happy two year anniversary to my ride or die. I'd do anything for this woman, and I can't wait to keep building our future together. I love you @ntheiss
^^ My fucking dude. ^^ | Pretty much sums up my week: Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic when you could just be quiet? |

To all of my trans friends: you rule, keep doing you. <3, T
Had fun doing some stripped down shows. Back to work on the album.
What better way to spend this rainy Monday...come see @coldcollectivema at Spotlight Tavern in Beverly with all of these sick bands
Had a sick time w @coldcollectivema in Lynn last night. Pumped for spotlight tavern in Beverly tomorrow.
She doesn't like it when I take photos of her- which is crazy, because she's the most beautiful person I've ever met. My ride or die. I'd take a bullet for this woman. @ntheiss
Lynn, MA @ O'Briens 7/22
Beverly, MA @ Spotlight 7/24