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When you're trying to take serious studio snaps but your bestie keeps making you laff 💕 (salty days, 2014)
Thanks for the pic + the LOLs @rainshareslove, I miss you! X
Go for a swim in the ocean, find a new friend and kiss him hello. Then put him back because although you are friends you have different needs and breathing methods but you can still visit eachother from time to time 🤞
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The car park under my apartment has nice concrete 🌌
I made some postcards! Please also pretend my thumbnail is painted nicely k thank ü
#mynailsarechippedbutmyheartisfull #🌙
This drawing ended up a bit different to this in the end so here's a snippet of it somewhere along the way 🌙✨
Original WIP sketch for my #praiseyou2017 piece (Sold)
Sydney pals, the show is tomorrow night at @ambushgallery ~ go check it out! So much amazing work by over 30 talented female artists + all sale proceeds to @thebutterflyfoundation. Curated by @lusidart 🌙✨
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Just listed this guy in my store ~ Edition 1 of 1 🌙✨Link in bio! Meeeow 💕 **UPDATE: SOLD! I've had a few people ask about this one - he was just a one off sorry! But I'll be releasing new stone prints soon! ⚡️
Excited to finally share my work for upcoming group show #PraiseYou2017! (Curated by @lusidart)
'We Will Meet Again'
A4, Mixed media illustration (unframed print).
If you can't make it to Sydney for opening night Sept 8, all work is now available to buy with all proceeds going to @thebutterflyfoundation. See for more info ⚡️
Here's a photo I just found of me standing outside a curry house in my old hood #下北沢 in 2011. I owned a SoftBank flip phone and I'd email all my friends on it (friends not pictured). You're welcome 💕
Hello! A whole lotta lady talent just made a bunch of incredible work to raise funds for a very worthy cause. The Butterfly Foundation offer vital support for those affected by eating disorders, as well as celebrating healthy body image + diversity. I loved making new work for this show + can't wait to share it with everyone! 🌙✨ For anyone outside Sydney, the work will be available online in the coming weeks! Curated by multi-talented babe @lusidart #praiseyou2017
Sick in bed today. Hoping it was the 2 day out of date milk and not flu or novo or any of the other google results. Sharing another little sneaky cropped section of my work for upcoming group show Praise You while I lay as still as possible watching Jessica Hische Skillshare videos and singing Disney songs softly to myself. Get well soon, me! 🐩
WIP sneaky cropped preview of my work for #PraiseYou ~ a group show featuring a whole bunch of talented lady artists raising money for The Butterfly Foundation. Huge thanks to babe-boss @lusidart for putting together what is sure to be an incredible show for a really great cause 🔥if you're in Sydney from Sept 8 - 10, drop into @ambushgallery for a look 👀 Swipe for full line up ➡️
"Tell Your Secrets To The Moon" on stone panel - a special order for a sweet 16th 😭😍💕 it's such a nice feeling when people want to give my art as special gifts 🙏✨
#illustration #brisbaneart #shopsmall #supportthemakers #stonepanel #etsyau
Sometimes when I'm working on a big client job + my mind is melting a little bit, I take a quick break to draw a little peachy cat sitting in the moonlight. Yesterday was one of those times and here he is! MEOW!
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AD + style for @uglyfoodandco shoot today with my gal @stepheidse 👯 ...also Sarah makes the best food in the universe 🤤 [more in stories!] #baodown #currydreams #cinnamonscrollcoma
Little magical marshmallow plant sketch 🌿 The marshmallows are definitely peach flavour 🍑 but because it's magical, you can think about another flavour while you eat them and change the flavour! Just be careful not to look at car tyres or your cute puppy pooping in the park while you eat these marshmallows because flavour change magic is very powerful and accurate 🌙✨
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