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Perhaps may never take off my new @jcrew necklace

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It's been an inspiring + self indulgent treat to spend some time here this past month learning a skill I've wanted to for years 🖋
Went on a drive with no destination and found a little fall winter wonderland
Had to moooove over to the side of the road this morning to make sure not to run into one of these guys
"Maybe they're not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the light of our loved ones shines down to let us know they are with us" 🌟
Whirlwind 24 hour trip to Austin to surprise my girl @caseyjomanning just minutes after she got engaged! @geraldblancett - you're a gem, and thanks for letting us be part of the fun special night! ❤️
Working on reviving the blog, so today I'm sharing the sweetest ever pics of my chicks, taken by @justinsalemmeyer [🐓 pictured here : Sophia]
Showroom vibes / complete with vintage Barbie artwork + the most impressive plants + the prettiest collections including @goldietees + @roinyc + @rose.hartman
I was reminded this week that life is too short, so eat the damn cake (or in this case, the dough from @cookiedonyc)
Always shining bright with the prettiest of light, sweet friend @edeniowa ❤️
Living my best NYC life this morning with a stop at @juicegeneration for their coco cold brew + a walk with my 4 legged roomie for the week
As amazing as the last couple weeks have been, it feels pretty great to enjoy home sweet home and all the little Saturday things that don't happen while traveling - a morning run with the hubs, making coffee and eggs at home, and enjoying our backyard and the 4 sweet chickens running around in it.
A salty dip in the sea to cap off a very sweet trip 🌊
Nice evening for a stroll along the French Riviera 🇫🇷