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  Posted: May 20, 2012 12:04 AM FEED
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This is how i feel when guys tell me they have a crush on me when i no longer like them anymore.

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Is it really October without a pumpkin picture? ❤️🎃
This past week I went through some hard times in my life that reminded me a lot of my past. It left me wanting to just drop everything and run back home. Thankfully, my family and friends have been so supportive this week and reminded me that I was not alone.
God thank you for showing me that I can’t run away from my past forever. Pastor @jonjosephs said this morning “we are called to live a peaceful life”. I had to learn how to practice gratitude in order to know that I couldn’t continue blaming myself. #elevationchurch
P.S. Thank You, Miguelly Belly for coming down to visit me this weekend. 🙂
"It's not about the scars, it's about the story" ----------------------------------------------------------
The best part about #RhythmNight on Sunday was the drive home. We got to discuss the sermon of both experiences and how God was using them in the season that they are in right now. #ElevationYTH
This past Sunday, I had the amazing privilege to meet a sweet girl named Davis. She got invited by Jayla during school to join us on another wacky adventure to the closest Elevation Campus. Davis had never heard of Elevation and was looking for an adventure. She had been battling struggles within and had distance herself from forming a relationship with God. During, the end of the experience she made the AWESOME decision to accept Christ into her life. She knew God was calling her to STEP into a position of ease by revealing the pain she had kept within. Davis's willingness to open up showed me the power of decision that followed the obedience.
1. Sometime we need to trust the SHIFT that leads to the set up.
2. Every step can't always be revealed at once, there's always a STRATEGY in play.
3. We have to be fully SUBMITTED in order to see the next step.
4. The SEQUENCE of the order reveals the reward.
Its truly incredible to see how each sermon can impact every walk in life. I would highly recommend to go watch the series on Elevation Online. #BarsandBattles #ElevationYTH
This week I learned a valuable lesson that hit home. When I started college, I knew I wanted to do something with my life. By the time, I got into college I realized I had no idea what I wanted to do. I battled with bad influences, daily struggles, and the concept of just "getting through". If there's anything I could say to a incoming freshman in college: cherish it and don't rush the process! I wanted it to be over so bad, that I failed to realize my purpose through the process.
1. Be intentional! God will position us through our purpose.
2. Be different! God notices our minor details that go unnoticed everyday.
3. Treasure the NOW! College is never meant to be forever but don't fail to realize the memories made along the path.
4. Yes you can! God will give you the strength you need to succeed, lay your struggles on him.
This sermon series fits perfectly in many ways for myself. Even though, I may have made it out of college, that doesn't mean there won't be another struggle along the way. Pastor @stevenfurtick helped me realize that what I saw as struggle through College, God saw as training. For all those going back to school tomorrow, YOU GOT THIS! #BarsandBattles
This post goes to the sweet girl that decided that enough was enough. On Friday, I had the amazing privilege to drive out to Roanoke and serve with two high school girls. Little did I know, God was about to teach me something. Through the weekend, I got to hear one of the girls share her struggles. By the following day, she decided spontaneously at a community outreach event in Roanoke it was time to get baptized.
Tasha, I want you to know how fully loved you are and how proud we all are of you! Don't ever let anyone rob you of your faith!

Through her, God showed me to not stop pursuing him when life continues to throw challenges your way. I'm truly thankful for the opportunity to serve along side those in Roanoke this weekend. #LOVEWEEK2017 #elevationroanoke
This morning pastor @stevenfurtick said "if you live life always needing a reason your faith will only take you so far..". From that very moment, I knew, it had to happen. I needed to come to Charlotte in order to step out of my comfort zone. I needed to drive 5 hours down to Charlotte by myself in order to see the mission God has placed in my life. _____________________________________________________________
What better way to kick off Love Week than at Elevation Church!
When your hair won't cooperate right for the picture... at least I got to hang out with my family for the weekend. 🙈
Y'all I met a real live giraffe today 😍
Y'all, Reading, Pennsylvania came READY to worship! They were so lit from beginning to end.

The presence of God was beyond rich yesterday in such a remarkable way. The heart of the local church is truly not finished. God is about to move in so many ways among the state of Pennsylvania. #OutcryTour
The fact that my niece is all grown up and as tall as me blows my mind. I remember when you were running around the house with diapers. Now, your playing basketball on a AAU team and kicking butt on the court. I'm super proud of you ma'am!
P. S. @niviaaramos ignore the shirt 😂
Newly initiated Sailor + Kya = Mr. & Mrs. Ham and Cheese back at it again! | Our family is so proud of you Hammy; I wish you the best as you travel onto your next location! | P. S. Don't buy another dog. 🐶😐
When you thought you had your whole life planned out as a freshman and then you end up transferring. Then you realize it was never about your own plan, but the plan the man above set for you from the very beginning. God will meet you where you are but he won't leave you there. #SevenMileMiracle #ElevationRVA #MOMMAIMADEIT 🎓
Cash me outside in my new whip how bow dah 💁🏽
Timmy- "I don't know the words to the song"
Me- "Me either! Let's act like we do..."
*starts busting random rhymes*
*Audience goes wild*

Happy Valentines Day to all those special kids that give us abundant amount of love on any given day. ❤️ #NightToShine
Timmy - "Thank you for being my date Evie!"
If only he had known, I was just beyond thankful to even have the opportunity to be apart of something that's greater than myself. Thank you, for all those that gave up their time to help out those special kids that go unrecognized. It's been amazing to watch for three years now the excitement and joy that our kids have each time for their special prom night. ❤️ #NightToShine
I may be another year older today but boy am I grateful for the journey God has set before me; Road trips to NC for Elevation Church are the best! #ElevationRaleigh ❤️😊
Olaf made a surprise visit today ☃️❄️😱
Good morning purpose; 2017 🎉
What a spectacular way to end my year, #PraiseParty16