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ccarallis 282w ago
Summertime in Chicago. Nothing better. w/ @danielselbywade

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Whipped cream for breakfast, peas & cheese for dinner for the birthday boy! Happy 8th birthday, Roo!
I can't believe how amazing supporters of rescue are. It didn't stop raining but everyone turned out for @chicagoebr. Thank you to everyone for making it such a great success.
Last day off before working at least 19 consecutive days so I’m spending it doing this.
My new best friend, Rod Stewart-Dog aka Monroe
I came to the Oktoberfest for the cocktails.
I have to give a shout out to @warbyparker. My last five pairs of glasses have been from them and in addition to loving them all, they were super affordable. My current pair had a giant, mysterious scratch on them and they not only replaced both lenses for free, but I was only without them for a week and they sent them back with a much nicer case. Nice work, Warby.
Some days this corner is my last thread of hope.
I have no reason for posting this other than I like this picture. #ccandtom
I call FOB my guilty pleasure but there's nothing guilty about a band that defines a time in your life.