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  Posted: May 19, 2012 6:43 PM FEED
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Today was my first time in a Mosque--it was incredibly beautiful. This past year I've been able to walk through Shinto Shrines, Buddhist Temples, and Hindu Ashrams. Within all of them there is something so moving about a quiet faith, a stillness in the kneeling of prayer, the act of forgiveness and fortitude.
Hide my tattoos in Shibuya
Posted: Sep 24, 2017 3:00 AM
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Missing my bestie and our Celine Dion duets💁🎤👯 🤞#londonparismaybetokyo @gabriellopesrocha
That particular brand of achey-ness in the chest--a tightening throat, a deep exhale. A vintage French postcard signed off with "Mame". The smell of the temperature dropping. Those you once knew drifting on in the space of time that seems to be moving ever-faster and further away--out of reach. That particular sensation of silence on the other end of the phone. Waiting, and not waiting at all. An eternal, blue ocean at the end of an alley, the smell of salt and the livelihood of fishermen nearly knocking you over with nostalgia.
Best metro line I've ever taken 🚋 🚊
I've missed seeing Buddha's around, as they were always present in Thailand, so this was a treat ✨ #bigbuddha #greatbuddha #kamakura
Had the best time participating in a traditional tea ceremony and wearing a #furisode kimono (what the single ladies wear 😚)--putting on a proper kimono is a true art form and our host has been practicing for twenty years! 👘🦋💖 #きもの #ぼんさい #ふりそで