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naoleo 1d ago
Favourite time. | #fall in love with #autumn . | say bye to all white feed.
naoleo 5w ago
My first sunburn ever 🌴☀️ | tags: #madeira #portugal #portodacruz #holiday | photo by my bb gdbs , thank you!
naoleo 7w ago
One more time, and I'll be here again. | #soon
naoleo 26w ago
My first Ben&Jerry's and I get all the hype now. | #lickmetillicecream
naoleo 26w ago
Where we all fall in love. | #花見
naoleo 27w ago
Getting "matcha things" is pretty tought here in Czech, so when @donutercz made those matcha donuts, I felt blessed af. | #matchaforlife
naoleo 27w ago
Na akci #ThinkPink , kterou jsem měla čest moderovat pro @avonczsk a podpořit tak nadcházející #avonpochod2017 přišla i @sharlotaofficial ! | #sájaajájá #neres
naoleo 30w ago
You guys know, that I normally don't post so much pictures in colours, but I can't help myself with this one. | #thankyou : #hairdress @carbickova , #photo @barkaphoto , #makeup @liskooriskova_veronika
naoleo 30w ago
Best mornings. | Buy yourself this beauty too! At @metrostorecz ! | #eggsandvinyl
naoleo 31w ago
@carbickova is simply one of the kind. I love you and your stunning work!!! | #springiscomming