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Friday night ride.

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Throwback to 2011. Tornados had just ripped through Alabama leaving the northern portion of the state without power for over a week. Though it was a terrible time for Alabama, @georgemarshallphoto and myself made the best of it. We took advantage of closed businesses, and amazing sunsets. Also tooth hop overs...
Stumbled upon this little park in downtown Moab Utah. Turned out to be a nice morning session. 📸 @jperleoni
Had to stop by while I was in town to check out @will_kimbrough80 moto setup. Got to have a little fun on it myself.
I Always end up riding the weird setups. Table air on the thing.
I love being across the country and getting videos like this from @will_kimbrough80 so stoked to see him doing what he loves, and killing it! I blame him for my love for two wheels!
Rode about 35 miles today. Thought I was going to die a few times but hey, the view was worth it. #moab #monkeybutt
Morning session on a sketchy hip, at an awkward park, in a odd little desert town.
Got woken up this morning by a wild horse scratching his butt on my bike rack. I knew I was on the right track.
Went out for a little cruise around Edmond Oklahoma today. Had to film a couple little nibs!
Ever notice how bmx gives you a whole new perspective on your surroundings? We see the world through different eyes. through bmx we see opportunity, and potential where we never saw it before, and I believe if we allow it to, that mindset can carry on into every other area of our lives. With that said... bmx is therapy to me, and believe that there are countless others who would say the same.
Just another day at the track. @rusty_pompom with his eye on the prize.
Really stoked to be on a new bike. Thanks @theshadowconspiracy and @hoffmanbikes for always looking out for me.