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lauragram 282w ago
Just Dance party @bonniemckeee

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Just a reminder that ranch dressing has ALWAYS been there for me. We are family.
What do the kids say? My day 1 fam since we had pagers. Emoji.
I can't believe I need to explain this but after countless comments about my home wrecking, bad teeth and a few sexual offers I feel the need to explain. Sometimes 2 different people end up having the same name. Weird right? American Laura Simpson (me) is married and loves French Bulldogs. British Laura Simpson (not me) kissed a man named Wayne Rooney and now a lot of people are mad. As much as I've enjoyed the last 24 hours of slut shaming I would like to go back to my aunts telling me I'm pretty and dog pics. Thanks team!
Thanks to everyone that came out to see me play the skin flute at #echoparkrising. So blessed to be doing what I love.
When you show up to lunch wearing the same shirt as your Jano. @cdogg22 @janomama
You know when you see this sign you're somewhere cute. Until next time ✌🏽
Hey guys! I went to the beach today. Please like and comment.
Big shoutout to game 4 for getting my sister drunk enough to talk and grope a wax figure of The Rock. #swipeleft #theresadickinyourpants
Team Dragon divided the vector to win the most civilized game of croquet.
The roof of Westminster Abbey..only cried 6 times.