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#dailycharlielove Can't believe our little Charlie is going into KINDERGARTEN!!!! #proud #timeflies
Haven't posted in a while but I really wanted to just say that I love this woman more than I can capture in an Instagram post. My wife, partner in life and mother to our insane kids through the good and bad, always and forever...I know, super cheese ball but so very true, so forgive the cheese factor please!
This here is the most beautiful wife & mother a man could ask for. @trevchelle took care of our 3 wonderful but insane kids day/night (during summer break!!) while I was gone working 10+ days in DC...SO much love and appreciation since I would have gone bonkers!!! I love you boo, forever and ever!
I've captured a rare moment of my big guy smiling with TEETH! Woo hoo...#flowerfields #landonparker #toocoolforschool
These bunny prints go all over my parents neighborhood up and down the street to each front that's dedication Mr. Easter Bunny. #easter #bunny #thosetrickyrealtors #magical
Father/Daughter stroll across the I just need a picture with with Landon like this and I'll have a matching set. :-)
I have heard many rumors of the great #SausageTree but after seeing it, I can't fully begin to describe its awesomeness...#SanDiegoZoo #ifonly
Making my favorite Christmas cookies (Dream Cookies) with my most favorite daughter... #dailycharlielove #christmas #cookies