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zatchf 4w ago
Matthew Valentine (mathuri valentini): mammal, about half the size of a full-grown man. Indigenous to the San Joaquin Valley, but was recently introduced to the Great Basin region, and is now commonly found roaming amongst thick brush, especially up and down steep hillside trails. As with any wild animal, exercise caution when approaching, as this species has a propensity to be irritable when their blood alcohol content is low.
zatchf 4w ago
#QOTD: "If it looks stupid but it works, it's not stupid." #flattire
zatchf 5w ago
Day one of qualifying at the #renoairraces! 🏁Shown here are three of the Unlimited class air racers, all WWII #warbirds, from top to bottom:

1. Race #84, Spitfire Mk. IXc "Normandy Split" - qualified at 288.735 mph (unofficial results)
2. Race #42, P-40E Warhawk "Texas Warhawk" - qualified at 291.809 mph (unofficial results)
3. Race #22, F-51D Mustang "Little Horse" - no qualifying time yet.

zatchf 7w ago
My view from yesterday's solar eclipse - as seen from the center of the path of totality, just north of Ola, Idaho 🌑☀️ 📷: Jake Gunnerson
zatchf 8w ago
I laughed a little bit too hard upon seeing this amazingly named shopping center 😂
zatchf 13w ago
Step 1: Watch #HarryPotter and the Half-Blood Prince, which contains a spooky underground lake scene
Step 2: Take a walk to the river, glance this out of the corner of your eye, and try to unsee the mental images instilled in you by Step 1
zatchf 23w ago
Spent an amazing weekend with this amazing woman. We went wine tasting, drove up and down the coast, and ate dinner on the bay at sunset. Dana, you make everything more wonderful. Happy one year of dating 🥂
zatchf 24w ago
You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning 🥂

#bottomlessmimosas #mimosas #fruit #breakfast #denver #mornings
zatchf 24w ago
Breakfast at Esters 😋🍽Belly sandwich with side salad and an Ester Mule. Good food with good friends. •

#denvereats #denver #denvercolorado #breakfast #brunch #sandwich #salad #food #deliciousfood #delish #eatingout #eatingwell
zatchf 25w ago
#TBT to that time I visited my cousins in South Dakota. Ready for #summertime and another #roadtrip 😎☀️🚗