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I came out late (I was 25!) but when I told my parents my mom said, “I knew it.” and then went in to her room and wrote this poem, which she then sent to PFLAG (never heard from them - rude!) I’m very lucky to have the family I do. #nationalcomingoutday
Please listen to Dylan’s new KPCC show “Ouch! My Back!”
This is me in my bedroom at 17. I still have all the same interests - minus Pink Floyd’s The Division Bell. #tbt
-I used to use too much hair gel. -This shirt is back in fashion! -Dog's name is Odie, he was kind of a jerk. #tbt
The worst caramel corn ever. Who could eat this?
#tbt watching my neighbor watch the eclipse was better than watching the eclipse.
I personally think this episode came out great. Disagree? Keep it to yourself ya jerk!
Venmo @madam_connie $10 and she'll make a police sketch artist drawing of you! She gave me some "angry man who drives through a farmers market" realness!
Happy as Joffrey with a crossbow to be writing on Gay of Thrones again! Here's a taste of the first episode with @gayofthrones and @gibblertron. Full episode on @funnyordie.
The Dummies books spare no one.
Laura Linney and a ninja turtle.
Here's a taste of Those Magnificent Moms. Full shows on YouTube. But mostly I want everyone to hear the vocal stylings of @dco1. You think Sia isn't afraid to push her vocals to the breaking point? Ha!
Happy Mother's Day to my mom who's never afraid to try something new, like a perm. Tonight she's cohosting Those Magnificent Moms with me, 7:30, UCB Franklin! We got 9 real live moms putting on a show for you! Come!
I'm almost done promoting this show, I promise! Get yer tickets now and celebrate the wonderful world of moms. This is the first time a woman in her 70's has hosted a show at UCB, so come be a part of history!
#tbt Here's my mom gleefully killing a defenseless animal. See what other sadistic hijinks she gets up to this Sunday when she co-hosts Those Magnificent Moms with me. UCB Franklin, 7:30! Link in bio.
I pursued acting as a kid for about 6 months. This was my headshot. It's also click bait! Come to Those Magnificent Moms Live next Sunday at 7:30, UCB Franklin. Comedians doing bits with their real moms. I'm hosting with my actual mother, the woman who paid for this photo shoot! Link in bio, obviously.