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“She’s not allowed on the couch”
But how do you say no when she jumps up to snuggle while you watch The Office and then falls asleep? Well if she’s laying on top of you she’s technically not laying directly on the couch right? #bulldogmixesofinstagram #happyadoptionday
We got a doggo today! Such a sweetheart and she already loves frisbee! Taking Name Suggestions! #BoxerBullDog #IHeartDogsPetAdoption #rescuedogsofinstagram
Happy Birthday Liam! Sorry I missed the midnight post, I guess it's time for me to get a watch. I hope you have a fuego birthday because you're the pilot of your own life. You do you boo boo 💙
Only one more month until the official start of the best time of the year, and this girl is PUMPED. #fall🍁 #ifyouainttalkingfallidontwannatalk #orangeleavesandshit
This park just became my new favorite spot. Found a nice river to read by and also found out first hand that ducks will catch and eat frogs which is equally fascinating and terrifying. #ForDucksSake
My little brother @_jammons just graduated the 8th Grade and is now officially a Freshman in high school. #JamesBondVibe #LittleJimmyQAllGrownUp
When you listen to Kendrick's new album on blast, do you become the album or does the album become you? #Damn #kendricklamar #BitmojiGetsMe
Some pics from graduation last week. I got to graduate along side "the worlds okayest cousin😜" @sarah_kaylynn5 and my best friend and fellow psych-o @kayla_landsparger #psychmajor #artminor #imfinallydonefornow
When your Sugar Grand Daddy also turns out to be the World's Greatest Mom #MamaBearRightThere
#nationalsiblingsday to the best little shit brothers a girl could ask for. ❤️