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Memphis is looking like a smooth gangsta.

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I’ve been crying tears of gratitude most of the day for answered prayers. A few weeks ago Hollis’ pediatrician expressed concern that she may have craniosynostosis that previously went undetected and put in a referral to see a specialist. When the specialist agreed that her sutures appeared to be closing prematurely it was all I could do not to break down in her office. If any part was fused she would need immediate surgery with the specialist and a team of neuro surgeons at primary children’s followed by a 3 day hospital stay with part of that in the NICU. She’d then require 6 months in a special helmet to help shape and protect her skull. We’ve been in limbo for a few weeks now with so much stress and worry sorting out insurance issues, scheduling the CT and waiting for the results. We finally got the call this morning that she has no fusing whatsoever! 🙌😭 I’m so relieved and so thankful that she’s okay. Thank you so much to everyone who kept her in your prayers and continued to check in on us. We love and appreciate you. 💗
When the heavens align to celebrate your birthday, you know it's going to be a good day! 🙌
This morning I got out of the shower and while I was trying to get ready as quickly as possible, it still wasn't fast enough. In no time Hollis began to cry for me on the bed. I heard River rush to her side and say "Shh...It's okay, Hollis." in her tiny little voice. 💞 She's the sweetest mini mama and is always smothering her with love. (Seriously. Smothering. Swipe to the last pic.)
Already making kissy faces at the camera. 😘
It's a girl!! Meet Hollis Mae Young. We're smitten! 💗
#38weeks 5 days and counting. This dress is non-maternity from the Who What Wear collection on It probably looks like a potato sack on me, but I don't care. I love it! I couldn't wait any longer to buy new cute clothes, so I had a mini-spree (so many good sales lately) and lo and behold, most everything fits my giant pregnant body! Woohoo! Also, I feel like selfie taking is a real talent. One that I do not possess.
Kenzie turned 11 a couple of weeks ago! She still acts like a puppy, so we're confident we can hit the record for the longest living Great Dane. Just a few more years to go!
If you haven't already seen my story, go check out how we spent Father's Day. #toddlerlife That Vaseline still isn't out of her hair btw. 🤦‍♀️
Everything is most likely going to die (#realist), but we planted a garden this summer. 🌱Relying heavily on @mleechum's experience and the kindness of neighbors who notice when things are dying and kindly water your patch for you. 💦🍅🥒🥕
I've officially been married half my life! 😳 I guess that's what happens when you meet and fall head over heels for your future husband at just 14. 💕 (My parents had to sign a permission form for me to get married!) @toobrad You've made me unbelievably happy. I totally scored the husband jackpot. I love you!! Also, you look like you're 15 in this picture. 😂
Happy donut day from the bump and I! 🍩
These boys had a piano recital tonight. This was Memphis's first recital and they both did a fantastic job. #proudmama Check out my stories to see clips of their performances. 🎵
For anyone who might feel personally offended or hurt when I say I can't wait to leave Utah and move back to the south, please keep in mind the following: • for the last 10 years we lived less than a mile from the beach and would walk there everyday • sandals are my footwear of choice all year long and that's not feasible here • it's freaking spring for crying out loud and we had several inches of snow dump on us last night • this is to say nothing of the yucky smog or terrible drivers 😑 That's all. Thanks for listening to me gripe.
When you've been craving airheads (so heathy, I know) so your thoughtful hubby buys you a 60 pack. 😳 @toobrad you're a keeper! #25weekspregnant
We had a sickness make it's way through the family last week. This sweet boy was so concerned about making sure I didn't catch it because he was afraid if I got sick the baby would get sick and die. Even though he was small at the time, he took the loss of our baby before River incredibly hard. He has such a big heart. And here's another amazing thing about Ezra: while he stayed in his room to avoid passing his 'sick germs' to me, he read an entire book in just a few hours. 😳