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  Posted: May 18, 2012 8:47 PM FEED
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Posted: Sep 24, 2017 4:14 PM
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After planning Atina’s surprise party for a couple weeks, it’s nice not having to lie anymore 😂 we had a great time! Thanks to everyone who came!🎉🎂🍾
Had such an amazing time at Holly & Logan's wedding this weekend. So glad I could be a part of your big day ☺️ and thank you Atina for being my hot date😘 #LifeOfRileyToBoyles
Posted: Aug 22, 2017 3:57 PM
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I guess it's become tradition to make a cake to share with my family & friends every time I plan to visit Natchez 🍰👩🏾‍🍳
Had such a great time at Holly's bachelorette party this weekend. Can't wait for the wedding! 🥂💍👰🏽🍰#LifeOfRileyToBoyles
Nothing like a good day on the river kayaking and roasting weenies🛶🌭
Nothing like a good night of ping-pong, pool, and dancing with the crew! 😃🏓🎱💃🏽
Had a great time at Katelyn's baby shower. Can't wait to meet baby Elias! ☺️🤰🏼🍰
Be young, be dope be proud
Like an American 🇺🇸🎼 Happy 4th💙❤️ #lanadelqueen
Had the most amazing week in the Bahamas with the whole family! Especially swimming with the dolphins for my birthday! 🎂Spent 7 days in paradise so now I guess I'm back to working 7 days a week😅 🇧🇸🐬🏝☀️
Memorial Day cookout with two of my favorite shish kabobs ❤️
Shout out to my parents for putting me through culinary school! I have now graduated with honors and an Associates degree in Patisserie and Baking from Le Cordon Bleu 🎓👩🏾‍🍳🎖
We learned all of Carrie Underwood's song lyrics on the day of the concert because we don't wanna' spend our lives jaded, Waiting to wake up one day and find that We've let all these years go by Wasted 😂 #thestorytellertour #Wastedlyrics
When you have no room in the kitchen so you practice decorating cakes in the living room 😅💁🏽🎂
Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister/ nurse/ roommate/ bff! I love youuuu🎂❤️😊
Today was my last day of culinary school and just completed my final project which is a sugar sculpture with a pastillage piece on top. It look a lot of patience and hard work, but I'm pretty proud of it. It's been a great program and have met amazing people along the way so it was definitely worth it. Now I am moving to Memphis and start a new job at a bakery on Monday! #sugarsculpture #lecordonbleu