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Always good to give to charity. #TGIF #AirJordan #AJIII #DBIII #Kicks

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This is gonna be very interesting. Feelings will definitely be hurt if some get left off. 👀👀👀👀 #UNCLEMANNYAPPROVED
Ladies and Gentleman... The Air Jordan XXXII. Designed with the essence of the AJ II but built to Fly Above. #WEAREJORDAN #FLYABOVE #AJXXXII #UNCLEMANNYAPPROVED
First day back running in 9 days due to my ankle and achilles issues but I felt pretty good getting through tonight's mileage. Tonight I also broke out my new running shoe The @nikerunning #Vomero12 . Shoutout to @flicksnkicks and @pizzapapi6 for recommending these performance beasts!! Can't wait to take them for a spin again tomorrow!! #UNCLEMANNYAPPROVED #UNCLEMANNYRUNS
My mood because I've got a slightly sprained ankle and strained Achilles and can't run tonight😔 #thisisBS #UNCLEMANNYDISAPPROVED
No better way than to start the month of with a good run! This one was definitely tough because I started cramping about half way into the run. I've never had that happen to that extent before and I thought my calves and rib cage were gonna leave my body and run their own race! Pushing through that was tough as hell but I made it! I'll be back at it tomorrow morning. #UNCLEMANNYAPPROVED #UNCLEMANNYRUNS
Shout out to my bro @jcwize for an amazing event last night! The #infamousbeermile is unlike anything I've ever witnessed. Great times and even better competition makes this event truly untouchable! Congrats to all the runners that did their thing on the track!!! #UNCLEMMANNYAPPROVED
Friday night mileage complete!!! If you me I'd ever run this much in my life without the presence of a basketball I would've dropped dead laughing. This achievement means more than anyone can imagine. I'm not gonna run a full blown marathon anytime soon but to know I can push myself beyond limits I thought were there is gratifying. The push continues!! #UNCLEMANNYAPPROVED #UNCLEMANNYRUNS #15Mi
First day back on the grind after a minor setback with my ankle. Surprisingly felt strong for most of my run. Didn't wanna push too hard the first day back, looking forward to tomorrow nights mileage! #UNCLEMANNYAPPROVED #UNCLEMANNYRUNS
Some mileage on a Friday night never hurt anybody. Shout out the New edition's Heartbreak album for carrying me through tonight's run. #UNCLEMANNYAPPROVED #UNCLEMANNYRUNS
Glad to get back to my regular scheduled programming. But damn this one kicked my ass tonight but I had a hell of a time pushing myself! #UNCLEMANNYAPPROVED #UNCLEMANNYRUNS
By far the most challenging run I've ever done in my couple years of "occasional super casual running". The humidity kicked my ass and my pace suffered as a result. Today wasn't a failure though, I learned about myself and being able to push through everything was the highlight for me. #UNCLEMANNYAPPROVED #UNCLEMANNYRUNS
Good morning lift and a better morning run. I've earned that chicken breast that will be on my grill tonight 💪🏾💪🏾 #UNCLEMANNYAPPROVED #UNCLEMANNYRUNS
Morning breakfast: Mileage. I ran harder today and it was challenging but I'll be better for it in the long run. #UNCLEMANNYAPPROVED #UNCLEMANNYRUNS
Strongest I've felt in a long time. Road to recovery is tough but trusting the process has helped immensely. Shoutout to my @jumpman23 #ImpactTR for carrying me through this run! #UNCLEMANNYAPPROVED #UNCLEMANNYRUNS #Damnimtired
Listening to the vision is one thing. Seeing the vision come to life before your eyes is a completely different ball game. My brother has worked tirelessly to make his dreams a reality and it's been an honor to watch the grind. I wish nothing but continued blessings and success for my brother @theregomikey . The world is yours!! #UNCLEMANNYAPPROVED #CCSP #freedom 📸: @thedonlikecheadle