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I hope you're watching this sunset with me.
Saturday please come soon !
I miss you!
3 months have passed in signals. Great people I know here.
Time for us to part our ways.
To our future endeavours! Cheers!

Shout out to bunk 4! Gonna miss you guys! Thanks for listening to my 我要回家 Everyday in camp!
Today is the day I got my 3SGT rank! Congratulations to all my batch mates ! Didn't get to take photo with most of you.
Thank you mummy and love for coming and for the support you guys given me! My army life officially start!
Last few days with these comrades of bunk 4 . 08/16.
Last nights off in SI and back to PLC tmr .
It's all coming to an end.
Book out on CNY! 5 days outta camp gotta feel good.
Thanks for bestest for coming down to my POP! Thank you all for your support for the pass 19 weeks. Much appreciated loves ❤️
My fatherly like figure in my 19 weeks during bmt ! Thanks for your guidance and patience Encik Simon !
It's been great knowing you guys thru this 19 weeks in bmt !! POP LO!!
Rawdy Bronco platoon 1 cohesion .
Rise above all! 🎉

It's not easy being in BMT . It's good to be away from camp for awhile.
When your life happiness is always there to be your pillar and support you before you crumble. ❤️
It has been a great 4 days of work at Savour 2016! It was a pleasure to work with Chef Alvin Leung ,Chef Chris and Claire at Martel booth. Not forgetting Andrea, tho it will be my last time working with her.
#teamdemonchef #savour2016