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Today's hair.

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Cute casual shoes for fall in the best colors. I’m here @mesa_home til 4. Stop by and try on a pair.
I’m holding it down @mesa_home today til 4! There’s jackets and cardis full of patterns in the shop. Swing by if you’re in the neighborhood! 😊
Emilia came with a word for Mental Health Awareness Day. I’ve been learning some hard lessons about myself the past few weeks and this is just a gentle reminder that me, the strong one, has to let something go in order to receive help. Sometimes it’s that I feel I’ll ask and not get it or that I’m wearing someone else down with what it is I need. Other times it’s pride and feeling like I can handle everything on my own. People don’t and won’t know unless something is said however, sometimes I have to be provoked to say something to begin with. That usually looks like asking me what’s wrong or what’s been happening and I’ll start by telling small bits and pieces until I can trust enough to finally tell everything that’s been going on. It’s really fucked up that this is how I am with people that care about me and I’m trying to do better. Let’s look out for each other, we need to more now than ever.
A 5lb lemurian quartz for when you wanna not only cut him off but his entire family too. #humorme
I feel like using this again...for now. P.S. Don’t be a creep.
The Pumpkin Pie Butter is back and the Shea & Matcha Green Tea Butter is available for purchase again as well. #bellebutters
The Pumpkin Pie Butter is available for purchase on the site. #bellebutters
When the internet streets didn’t know you used to hoop.
*pushes note pad across the table, watches you read this then gets up and walks away* Throw the whole city I live in into the trash and start over.
#Repost @converse_and_kilos
😍😍😍 I was so hype to receive my @bellebutters. These are legit the best hair and body butters that I have ever used EVER. In the winter my skin and hair get extremely dry and I'm growing my hair out again. The smell is amazing and they keep me moisturized all day long. I'm really not into lotion. I'm a butter and oils girl and these are the best handmade products I've found. #winteriscoming #bellebutters #unyevu #whippedsheabutter
Pharrell dropped the keys and told y’all he be exfoliating, make sure you’re doing the same. Walnut shell powder is a more gentle alternative to salt and sugar, which can cause micro-abrasions to the skin. #bellebutters
Because I know someone will ask. This is crystal quartz (2), bloodstone and lemurian quartz.