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  Posted: May 18, 2012 3:26 PM FEED
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So happy that some of you got to try @themanechoice Ancient Egyptian Collection! It’s week 6 and my hair and scalp are doing great 🤗 Now I’m trying to decide if I should restock on this or try another one of the collections. Hard decisions!!!! #TheManeChoiceInSally #AncientEgyptianCollection #TeamPurpleBottle #TheManeChoice #TheManeChoiceTeam #Sallys
So happy I decided to try out this line by @themanechoice AND so happy you guys enjoyed the tutorial on my channel. My scalp has literally been free of all weird scales, even after straightening my hair a couple days ago! I think this line is fantastic for anyone looking to revive and maintain the texture and appearance of their hair. I’ve got another few washes with this and then I’ll be heading to Sally’s for some more. Feel free to DM me with any questions ☺️ #TheManeChoiceInSally #AncientEgyptianCollection #TeamPurpleBottle #TheManeChoice #TheManeChoiceTeam #Sallys
Such a special night modeling @anthropologie’s Fall Collection with @anthro_nyc and @therefinedwoman. These women are on fire, celebrating what it means to live with purpose, ON purpose. The collection is beautiful and artistic. Photos to come of my bangin’ outfits styled by @anthro_ps, but for now here’s me and my main squeeze at the photo booth #Anthropologie #TheRefinedWoman #AnthroNYCxTRW
Guys, have you tried The Ancient Egyptian Collection from @themanechoice?? Seriously a game changer and hasn’t irritated my scalp condition whatsoever!!! My hair hasn’t felt like this in a while ☺️ The Collection is available at select Sally Beauty Supply stores! See full tutorial live on my beauty YouTube channel!! #TheManeChoiceInSally #Ancient EgyptianCollection #TeamPurpleBottle #TheManeChoice #TheManeChoiceTeam #Sally
Our church is 4 years old, and I am so blessed! I love my pastors @jkelsey @georgieclaire, I've been given the gift to serve my most favorite city in the world. I am grateful. I've met forever friends here, I met my wonderful @tylershick here. It's a place of rest, a place of healing, a place of truth, and a place where we reallyyyyyyy like wearing black. Thank you Jesus for this beautiful family #c3brooklyn #lovenevergivesup
My microphone, my name, but I won't use it for my own glory. I won't use it to take, I'll use it to give. I'll use it for love | Take hold of your dreams, go after them, but not before you know why you're doing it and who you're doing it for. #beatit #perform
sorry it's blurry lol, I'm the white pants black sneakers | choreo from street jazz w. Debbie Wilson (aka my fav) #dance #perform #nyc
Posted: Aug 19, 2017 1:54 PM
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Guess who's recording new music this week?? It's always tempting to write the next trendy club song with the next trendy lyrics. But I think we've got money and sex and nightlife covered, don't you? I think there's a new song we need to sing. Songs for the hidden places, for the stuff we face outside of the club and away from our friends. Simple melodies and hopeful words that we can dance to. That's my kind of party 😬 Anyway, the next 12 months are going to be a real adventure! Thank you for all of your encouraging messages, I won't let y'all down............... Also, I feel extremely vulnerable even saying this publicly. #sing #thenewsong #musically
The more I see the division that exists in our country, the more I adore the unity and love my relationship represents. To think that I could miss out on someone so incredibly special (and he could miss out on me ☺), because one of us is racist and hateful, makes me so sad. If you just sit down with a person and listen, you'll see that you're not much different. At every person's core is the desire to be loved and known. And I've experienced firsthand that a white boy from a small town in Michigan and a black girl with immigrant parents from New York City have SO much to talk about, SO much to share, SO much to contribute to each other, and SO much to learn from each other. But listen...NONE of us are guilt-free in this scenario. Each and every one of us needs to take another step in understanding others and taking interest in each other. Hate will always take the opportunities that love doesn't. Love needs a win, it's been losing for far too long. #standup #interracialcouple ----@tylershick
Growing up with brothers I've always felt more comfortable in the company of guys. Slumber parties, doing each other's Let's go rollerblading! But in my adulthood I'm discovering the value of woman to woman connection. I was so lucky to spend an evening with @anthropologie @anthro_nyc and @therefinedwoman over dinner, photos, and conversation that set my heart on fire. I was understood, challenged, and sought out to be known. It was special, it was beautiful, it was feminine (I WORE A SKIRT, WHEN'S THE LAST TIME THAT HAPPENED???) I made friendships in hours with girls that I look up to wholeheartedly. Thank you @thekatharris for leading this night so beautifully and powerfully. Many more photos to come of this night ☺🖤📸: @morganashleyjo #anthronycrefinedwomandinner #anthropologie #anthonyc #therefinedwoman #nyc #youtuber
What are you striving to have that really doesn't suit your character and personality? For such a long time I attempted to keep up with trends and wear things that were super uncomfortable and not even flattering for my body type. I'd wear something for a photoshoot then it would sit in my closet and never be touched again. What you see in this photo is me embracing my innate simplicity. Embracing my core...where I can look in the mirror and see ME. You don't HAVE to be anything you're not. Take the pressure off! Put on YOUR God-given identity. Put on YOUR shoes every day because they were made to walk YOUR path. Aaaaaaaaaaaand hashtags #NYC #vans #blackgirlmagic #wavyhair #brooklyn #hope #inspo
Being #wavy, stay tuned on IG story for fun stuff 😬 In the meantime, link in bio to my newest YT video 😘 #nyc #braidout #blackgirlmagic #youtuber #relaxedhair #relaxedhairjourney
Big girl toys! Loved filming curly girls and hearing their stories @devacurl's event! #nyc #milkstudios
These incredible ladies came out and ROCKED my Street Jazz class. Thanks so much to @choreolounge for inviting me to teach. Come to the next one if you're free! More info on their page :)
Posted: Jul 7, 2017 9:47 PM
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Hey yalllllll! I'm teaching a Level I Street Jazz class tomorrow with @choreolounge! All are welcome, beginner level and the most supportive and fun environment ever. Visit the website to register for the class! We'll be in Studio 16E. See you thereeeeee ☺😘
Posted: Jun 26, 2017 2:31 PM
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Are chokers still in? I don't care, I like the way they sit on my neck. And quite frankly, neither should you care about what's in and what's not. Be yourself no matter the season, no matter the trend. I will wear UGGS and moccasins for life. I like many outdated fashions. I walk out of the door without the need to impress...I experience the freedom to be who I'm meant to be. Don't get it twisted, I love seeing the trendy fashionistas strut the NYC streets, but I don't have to BE anyone I'm not. I love this verse I read this morning "Live in harmony with each other. Don't be too proud to enjoy the company of ordinary people" Romans 12:16. Love people whether they fit in or not...because the whole idea of fitting in is so freaking silly to begin with. Anyway, happyyyyyy mondayyyyy ;)
#beyourself #wonderfullymade #blackgirlmagic #nyc