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We donate every penny that we make in the month of September and October to FCCC To fight all cancers. Cancer does not discriminate to any particular body part. We are well aware of this. There is still time to participate in with your photo shoot today
Our cancer awareness shoots are going on all month. We’d love to shoot you.
Traffic might suck sometimes (okay, all the time) but there is beauty among us.
We specialize in strong, happy and confident women! Come visit us soon!
I got a pocketful of sunshine for a rainy day
Ego Studios is ready to top last years cancer awareness campaign. We decided that to get the most people in front of the camera and raise the most money that we’ve changed the pricing this year, our last year. If you didn't read the last email We are going to shut down the studio after the holidays.

Deposits to book the shoot will be $100. Then on shoot day, you can put whatever you can afford or want to donate in the envelope. We hope that most shoots will be a minimum of $180.00 donation total (including your deposit). We are going to trust in people. We know times are tough. Donate what you can afford, what you want. We want to get you in front the camera. Get you great photos at a great price and do something special for the community.
Call your BFFs and come in together.

You can find more information on our website.
I always liked the very first shot from a photo shoot - it’s always a test shot and we are usually always mid talking but today I have no idea what happened or how it happened but this is the first shot. Just wanted to share this picture of my friend @thecarlyfanning - 1. She said I could and 2. I love it and will never be able to recreate it!
It’s time. We have a great charitable special on right now and it’s a great time to just do something for you.
Last September - Jen came into the studio to support our yearly cancer fundraiser with her cancer biopsy bandages still in place.... we are thankful that's she's okay..... but she came in to make a statement and without fear. We are blessed to have great people as part of our studio family. Brave and classy!
For the last 6 years we have done a month of shoots and donated everything we made to a local Cancer Center. Men and women have come through the door for the shoots. In the last 5 years we've donated over $4,000 and would love to break our record this year.... We ask for a minimum donation of $180 and you get a 3 look shoot with 12 edits of your choice. You do NOT have to shoot the boxing glove photos. You can do whatever you want. We are very flexible with this.
Please let me know if you are interested! More info can be found on our website!
Our fight like a girl campaign is live in is the best deal you ever get to come into the studio and do what you like. You can finally go on our website with more information. We look forward to hearing from you.
Our fight like a girl yearly campaign can be found on our website. There is a link right to it. I am also here to answer any questions that I possibly can for you. We try to be as flexible as possible for this since it is for all and goodwill. This will be the last year that we will do this event.
It’s that time of the year..... this will be our final event like this. Book your session today!
So @jones.amberleigh came through the studio last night and we did a thing! Here is a sneak peek repping her favorite morning show! @prestonandsteveshow
Sometimes you have to go back to go forward — our friend and forever cover girl, @morggbons
Because NO ONE can dull your shine when you are strong AF! We have openings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. There is time to submit photos for the Preston and Steve calendar and we’d love to help you submit. Message us and let’s get moving!
Flashing back the Friday to 2013 when we first met Rey during our “Fight Like a Girl” fall campaign. Get ready cause it’s coming for one last visit!